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bybholbrook, May 22, 2009
1. It works. Top to bottom, no blatant (if any) bugs. If you need something quick, this will do the trick.

2. Very poor style, with very little to attach CSS to. Many nested tables without class names that make it impossible to change the look with a pure CSS solution. For this reason alone I uninstalled.
bybholbrook, March 18, 2009
I love the simple form creation. Nice and Easy! Easy form to email product.

Must haves missing:
The password box.

Nice to haves missing:
A plugin to put a form inline with an article.
Submit to database. Email is only option right now.
bybholbrook, January 23, 2009
I love it. It does exactly what want it to. A nice simple comment system for registered users.

Easy to install, 5 / 10 at understanding what to do after install, but I'm new to Joomla!

Great job!