The Joomla! Extensions Directory ™


I recently downloaded the free version of the product and paid for 2 extentions which where all very easy to install and purchase. I find that although I am very new to all this I can get the basics working.

However I will point out that the documentation for this product is quite bad for someone who does not know the detailed inner workings of joomla, I am not saying the company has failed in proviing support - they have an installation guide, faqs and s support forum which seems to address installation and any issues very well.

But there is one thing it needs beyond all else to make it a 5 star product (which it is) and that is a user manual, a step by step guide on what to do to get everything working and what every buttom does (example: what does the "update URL's" button do on the control panel - there is nothing mentioned about this button anywhere! i can guess but I would really like to know). They have included blue information buttons next to each thing but they are not usefull at all, they dont mention what they do and how to utilise this products great features.
So please please please make a good user guide for this product and then it will be perfect.

P.S. I will be buying the full version of this product becuase a well believe it is worth th money