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bybig5hot, October 16, 2014
sbahjaoui news
After trying many scollers, I finally found one that has at least 90% of what I need. Your not going to find a scroller with everything you want. But at least this one has more than most of the scrollers out there. I needed a text scroller that was responsive on mobile phones as well. Having "links" and the use of Icons was an added bonus for me.

Thank you Sbahjaou and your developing team for this "free" module.
Owner's reply

Hi big5hot,
Thank you for using our module, IF you have any probleme you can contact us.

bybig5hot, January 22, 2012
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After trying 2 carts extensively, I finally came across HikaShop... After 2 minutes of configuring I made HikaShop the choice for me. By far the BEST! If simplicity is what your working for, then, download and try. Only thing was missing for me was the Shipping module (usps) which I found very easily. Great Cart, Thanks to all those who help develop, am sure there are many.
bybig5hot, January 13, 2012
Art Wijmo Menu
I'm "amazed" at the way this menu looks on my website! After checking a few other menu's, I kept coming back to this one, and I'm glad I did. Being new to joomla, I would recommend this extension to others that are looking for a sleek menu with many options. Thanks ARTETICS! I'm very satisfied with your product and your GREAT SUPPORT!.