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bybigdaddy, October 22, 2011
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During the course of my extensive internet research of this extension, I ran across a lot of posts that praise the extension. It certainly seems that some people are very happy with it. My experience, hoewever, was quite the opposite...

Installation of Xmap into Joomla 1.7 was reportedly "successful" and seemed to have been very easy, until I got a error message telling me that I need to enable additional the plugins below.... But, no plugins were listed "below". After playing with empty list, the Joomla plugins list, and several other areas to no avail, I noticed that the aformentioned plugins were in a secondary tab on the xmap component window. ahh. okay, my bad. Oh well, I guess I'd better RTFM, huh?

But where is the FM? There no help at all included with the extension and a quick google turns up three websites that talk about "adding a menu item" and my "locating my xml file path". Those articles were three years old and there were a few more older than that.

So, we found the plugins, four as I recall, each with a rather cryptic name and an even more cryptic pop-up message. Oh well, I GUESS I'm supposed to enable them all... Really could use a simple guide abotu now...

Found my way (still no help from anywhere) to the componenet and decipher that I must create a new sitemap file (or process, not sure). So I create a file and.... drumroll, please... nothing.

Hmmm? I fancy myself to be a pretty digitalliterate binarybrainiac, but I'm darned if I can figure this one out. Okay, heading straight to the creators website for the real scoop.

OH MY GOD! After spending an hour + reading posts in the xmap site forum and trying repeatedly to accomplish a search and getting "your search terms are too common..." about 436 times, I surrender. Thank god for uninstall.

BOTTOM LINE: I've been computing for over 20 years. I have a natural skill for intutitively understanding hardware and software that has bene referred to as "uncanny".

This extension is NOT intuitive. Even worse, it is developed with the logical orientation of a coder. The interface is a mysterious array of nonsensical language that offers little in the way of clues to even the most advanced user. The process overall is clunky and not apparent to the user. In spite of an apparent successful installaiton, I was unable to get the extension to produce anything, at all.

I can accept that this may have been my shortcoming, but the complete lack of logical, literate instruciton for using this extension is UNFORGIVEABLE. Unless you've got a lot of time to waste in the forums, pass on this one.