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bybiggley, January 15, 2013
Import for K2
This was needed very badly for a long time, the install is painless. The component itself is not the easiest in the world to understand and took a few attempts to bring the data across as I wanted it but in the end it did the job great and saved me a lot of time, I had some questions and Artur always came back within a reply. Not for a novice but great component none the less!
bybiggley, June 12, 2012
Cookie Alert
Great Plugin - simple easy install, works instantly, easy to edit the messsage via language file.
bybiggley, April 17, 2012
Zoo Item Wall
I have been a subscriber to Joomla XTC for years and they make amazing extensions so I really cannot understand why this extension has been released by them!? it simply does not work upon initial install. There is very little in the way of documentation. I did not have time to wait for support tickets so had to find an alternative.

There is no working demo of it which is worrying also as there is simply no reference to a working version of this module anywhere:( what's the point of it at all!?

I really don’t understand why it exists at all in it’s present form. Really disappointed by a company that have such good work released.
Owner's reply

You created the ticket today on Tue, 17 Apr 2012, 03:58 - We get many tickets each day and our support handles on a first come first serve basis. Please note your ticket has been transferred to our extension support and someone will be with you within the next 24 hours.




bybiggley, February 23, 2011
XCloner-Backup and Restore
This is simply an amazing Component and makes transferring development sites to their proper servers a dream, it's amazingly fast, intuitive, well explained and just does what it says it gonna do without any hassle. Greta job from the development team!!!
bybiggley, March 25, 2010
I bought this component based ont he large amount of great reviews it received and true the support is really swift which is refreshing. The component itself installs no problem, themes are a doddle to format and alter with simple CSS and no weird hard coding going on which is also nice. I needed the paypal plugin which without a doubt is where it seriously falters. the paypal plugin is really only half baked at this point and has a lon way to go before being thought of as a must have Joomla extension.
Good Points:

Installation is a breeze
Component is really solid and not buggy
Support is really top notch
Looks good front-end
Very easy to change the look of the templates

Bad Points:

You have little or no control over how events are displayed
You can't set recurring payments
You can't buy tickets to multiple events - you have to go through the paypal process for each individual ticket
Ticket management is not very user friendly and bit Goinky to be honest

Overall it's ok, it's not amazing, it needs a lot of work and is definitely the poorest of the RSJoomla products i've tried.