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Another great extension by Peter van Westen. This developer deserves major credit. Proof is in the pudding. You won't be disappointed at any turn when it comes to functionality with the latest Joomla versions, Support, Documentation and a very polished and intuitive website browsing experience on the nonumbersnl website.

First off, he clearly labels what's free and what requires a subscription to unlock additional features. There isn't
any deceptive generalization about what does and doesn't work for free versus paid. Integrity speaks volumes in my book.'

Everything is free to try, afaik, and in most cases has all the bells and whistles you would need, for free. To unlock additional features costs next to nothing when you take into account all the time Peter has taken to document everything, with clear live examples and the syntax used to make those examples happen. The way the examples are laid out, versus the syntax used is nicely laid out in a tabular intuitive format. Easily switching back and forth, form example tab to syntax tab makes it a breeze to get any modal up and running just the way you want it.

The Support is top notch. His forum responses speak volumes about his participation and dedication to everyone that uses his extensions, free or paid. Most answers to questions are quickly found by doing a simple search. If not, Peter is very quick to reply. How he does it, I have no idea. I think his mom had quintuplets or something. :P

I personally needed a modal slideshow of photo's to auto-play once a text link was clicked on. I also needed to call several of these modal slideshows within the same article. Between the Modal examples on his website and the plugin parameters being set to near perfect defaults, all I had to do was cut and paste one line of modal code and modify the path to where my cabin images were stored. From start to finish, I had 3 modal slideshows up and running, just like my customer wanted, all within about 10 minutes.

Kudos to you Peter. Awesome job, keep up the great work. Very impressed with the high standards.
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
IMO, this is a must have extension. It's about as simple as it gets for end-users. 1> It's dead-set simple and intuitive. %99.999999 of the time, even with the FLASHY distracting, puzzle/drag&drop alternatives, most people still find themselves, at least once... asking... "I'm I doing this right?". ECC Plus totally removes that uncertainty from the end users experience even if they've never been exposed to a Captcha challenge/response form. I live in a retirement community and get great feedback from the non-internet savvy crowd base. 2> Very powerful and clever backend Admin options. We thank you very much sir.
It's very unfortunate that we will have to find an alternative for a handful of our Joomla 3.x sites. Been waiting since Dec of last year. We hope a 3.x version is around the horizon. Thanks Viktor Vogel, very much appreciated.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

A Joomla! 3.x version will be available soon (1-2 weeks). :-)

bybigsky, June 19, 2013
Header Tags
Running Joomla 3.0.4, all we wanted was for all Article Titles to have H1 tags instead of H2 tags. This plugin does exactly that by default (and no more unless specified) by simply enabling the plugin and saving (nothing else needed). Without this plugin, the options in Joomla make absolutely NO SENSE. IE Try turning off Article Titles at the Article level. The option is there but doesn't obey. Ok, let's try via the Menu Item instead but lets choose Page Display Options. WTF JOOMLA!!! That sets an H1 tag ontop of an H2 tag but if you turn Article Title off via menu, nothing shows. Makes absolutely no sense and seems broken to me. Many thanks to the Author of this plugin. Simple and Effective. Very much appreciated.