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bybillboy, May 27, 2013
This is a very simple yet powerful component that has greatly added to the functionality of a website I have been developing. Easy to setup and use both frontend and backend.

The support given as well has been outstanding, especially from Piotr, who was very helpful and supportive to me in attempting to add increased custom functionality to the component itself.

Excellent component and support, well worth the money, and I strongly recommend this extension to anyone looking to add classified ads to their site.

Well done again Piotr.
bybillboy, April 23, 2013
Installed the module on a Joomla 2.5 installation and extremely fast translation.Very little needed in the way of installation or configuration to make it work 'right out of the box'.

I was that impressed, I subscribed to the 'Enterprise' paid version and the results from that are equally excellent, and very professional looking especially if you own a second domain name for the translation to appear on, as was the case with me.

The support service is excellent also as I had a number of issues I needed help with in getting the 'Enterprise' to work correctly. Yana and Edvard in particular responded quickly and attentively to the issues I raised which were resolved perfectly in a timely manner. Well done and thanks to them both.

I have held back a little from rating this excellent because of two things:

1. There needs to be a 'centralised' support point of contact rather than the 'Contact Us' popup tab and the Forum, as two of my issues were dealt with separately on each which can be a little confusing. I know the Forum is for 'support' issues, but part of my support was also dealt with through the 'Contact Us' tab. Not a criticism, just a suggestion.

2. The documentation for the 'Enterprise' version needs to be more explanatory, in-depth and simple to understand. There is an assumed level of knowledge implicit in the one page of instructions, especially in relation to URL re-writing and CNAME configuration. Although I have a basic knowledge and understanding of both, I struggled a little to activate the module in 'Enterprise' mode and required several explanations from Yana, and for her to check the backend of the site, before the penny dropped. The Forum is awash with other people seeking simple clarification of these configuration issues, which could have been avoided if the documentation was more helpful. An email containing configuration settings upon registration to the 'Enterprise' edition was equally confusing and lacked simple step by step instructions.

That aside, an excellent module and service backed by excellent support, and I would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting quality language translation on their site.