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bybillmc, January 21, 2011
I have been running a listserv on mailman for the last 5 years and recently turned it into a membership site using Joomla. Mailster was the best solution we found that replicated the functionality of Mailman and integrated with our Joomla site.

At first I was disappointed. It was not usable in its current form. We were getting auto responders back to the list, there were discussion threading issues, and our clients were use to hitting "reply" to mail the person who posted and "reply to all" to reply to the list in general. This was not possible to do. But since it was a close solution we contacted the developer.

Holger was extremely helpful, very responsive and when we told him what we needed, he was able to implement changes quickly and integrate the features we needed to mimic Mailman.

We were able to get content filtering installed to prevent out of office autoresponders, the ability for the list email address to be put into cc field and today we installed the final fix which clears up the discussion threading issue. It is now working exactly how we need, is easy to set up new lists, and works like a charm.

Those who had negative things to say should take another look. It is a great product now, vastly improved over what it was just 30 days ago. Thanks to Holger for being so responsive.