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I've successfully deployed SobiPro on a couple of sites now and "out of the box" it works fantastic. With a bit of tweeking it's even better!

It took me a little while to get used to working with XLST and XML but once I got the hang of it, things went smoothly. When I got stuck, the community at were there to help guide me through the sticky parts. So my site ended up better than before and also so did my brain! :D

Sometimes these extensions are not outright "plug and play" and the lack of understanding of a concept only begs for one to rise to the occasion and acquire the knowledge to tackle a specific task. Sometimes extensions have bugs...sometimes there's no way to change an element of an extension without doing a core hack to get the end result. In other words if you're a plumber and you are trying to rewire the electricity of a house, there may be things you miss in doing the task and it may not work or even give you disastrous results! Sometimes it's best to delegate those tasks that you're not good at to another developer who knows the language to achieve the end result you're after.

SobiPro, from what I can tell has been extremely well planned out and authored and the developers really care about their product- this is their "baby". They are passionate caring people who love their work and it absolutely shows.
bybillraydrums, June 15, 2011
I love the flow of this program and how it works. It's a very easy to use solution and infinitely configurable. HOWEVER.....

I had a validation error where the bottom portion of my template was breaking by an extra closing div tag. Ran the site through the HTML validator and the software showed 94 errors.

Posted this onto the forum and was given a very terse reply of "This software works fine and there will be no changes made. The problem is within your template I will arrange a refund for you". ????

I was not looking for a refund, but an answer how to fix the problem. (Isn't that what a support forum is for?)

For the record, with rhuk_milkyway as the active template, the software threw 97 errors.

As I said, great piece of software. Perhaps the dev can get a better attitude towards those who spend money with him.
bybillraydrums, April 12, 2011
Youtube Gallery
I work with quite a few musical artists and having a consolidated video "viewing room" is not only essential, it's expected!

This module allows me to do exactly that. It was a bit tricky to get it looking right in the beginning, but after a few minutes of playing with the settings, did exactly what I told it to and it plays nicely with my other plugins and whatnots.

If I could rank it 10 stars, I certainly would.
This saved my client! We needed to get the site converted into several languages fast and I thought we would be sitting up configuring Joomfish all night (JF is awesome too, BTW)

We dropped in this plugin, fooled with it a bit, and BAM!

Another great use of this plugin is to illustrate to your clients the need for plain text integration; some people like the funky cool text graphics but THIS shows people how important ASCII text on a page is in relation to search, etc.

When this site goes live it will be with the GTranslate PRO version. I don't have a problem spending $$ on quality and this is worthy of my cash.

If I could give 10 stars, I would.