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bybinglis, July 17, 2009
Rokin Gallery
this is exactly what I was looking for.

interfaces with google's picassa web galleries withe se. The back end interface is great, and it is well worth your while to get the cool wall working. It runs surpisingly fast.

the extensions are usefull, unfortunately not too many of them work in conjunction with the cool wall flash feature. i am really impressed with this extension.
bybinglis, July 17, 2009
it is truely excellent, and well supported by teh comunity. i keep finding usefull extensions for xmap to suit my choice of components.

Its useage is relatively simple, but beneath teh surface tehir is alot of usefull depth.

would love soem one to make a nice graphical extension for this.
bybinglis, July 17, 2009
This feature was the missing element of our club website. Sure we had a forum, and users were publishing articles.. but this was the missing link. The website sudenly became interactive. Many of the other comments managers are far too chunky with avatars and threading. the simplicty of the display is captavating.. it was exactly what i wanted. The easily integrated choice of Captcha's is also neat. Time will tell how robut it is, but it looks great, and is already in use by the users.

thanks for a great extension.
bybinglis, July 17, 2009
I am very pleased with this extension. It is a feature that should come out of the box with joomla. Previous to this I was storing pdf's in teh image directory, and writing in the links by hand. this is a far superior option.