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bybiobill, November 12, 2013
A big THANK YOU Michael Richey.
Thank you for this awesome and simple plugin. It does exactly what it says. Even a newbie can use it!
Another thank you for your support and politeness that you can't find even in paid extensions.

Best regards
Vasili Theodoropoulos
bybiobill, November 20, 2012
Slideshow CK
It's the best slideshow module I've ever seen!
Works out of the box and it's very simple to use.
I wish there were more stars to give :(
bybiobill, November 19, 2012
There are only three words I want to say:
1. Excellent
2. Perfect
3. Thank you!
Owner's reply

I have only 2 words, and one of them is a quote from "Breaking Bad"

1. Awesome!
2. Yo!

bybiobill, April 20, 2012
I'm using Joomla! 2.5.4 and it's not working at all. The tag still exists in my RSS and ATOM feeds.

Though, I'm giving 4 stars because the idea is very good and I believe that this extension is working in older Joomla versions (that I've not tested).
Owner's reply

It appears that you're correct about the generator tag in the atom feeds, but the plugin is working perfectly in RSS and HTML output on my test system running 2.5.4. You should have contacted me to report a bug instead of doing it here in the JED.

bybiobill, April 9, 2012
Social Sharing
After testing some other extensions I decided to test loginradius.
It's a very good extension with many social networks and easy to use but I had a problem. Before I use an extension on my server I do all the testings locally. Testing loginradius on localhost resulted in error messages. I couldn't test it locally and do any CSS changes.
So, I contacted the support team asking for a solution. And guess what?
Next day there was a solution in my inbox and an update was published!!!

Great extension and an excellent support team that you can't find even in paid extensions.
Continue this excellent work!
bybiobill, September 23, 2010
Very nice plugin. I test it for a couple of days and it works perfectly! Easy adjustable. Maybe scared in first sight but if you follow Valandi's perfect instructions, nothing can go wrong!

Thank you Valadis
Owner's reply

You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words!