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bybishikawa, October 8, 2009
So many Joomla extensions are unwieldy and difficult to work with. ReReplacer enables me to correct this with ease.

You know how you look at the page source then dive into the extension files to try to figure out where to adjust, get rid of extra spaces, add styling tags, etc. Some extensions are brutal - Virtuemart is a good example. Great shopping cart, but it's very difficult to get back to where they do things to fix it at the source.

ReReplacer eliminates the need for that, for the cosmetic stuff, I just have to look at the source code, find the text I want to change, enter the current text and the desired text into ReReplacer and voíla! You can change HTML, content, restrict it to articles, or the head section or open it up to everything.

Peter, the guy who wrote this is brilliant, check his other very cool extensions and read his web site, he's a character.

Thanks for this great tool!
bybishikawa, August 7, 2009
RSform Pro
RS Forms allows anyone to easily put a form on your site that captures the info to the database. Combined with the Mapping plug-in, you can do anything you can imagine with a form - I used it to capture user-created listings which I then display on the site. I also used it to capture membership information with offline credit card processing. Support so far has been very good with quick response, but I have used that mostly for getting presales info and managing the several product subscriptions I bought, the documentation is clear and easy to follow.