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bybitinthenet, May 23, 2012
Mini FrontPage
It's an excellent extension. Works like a charm, or let's say "almost". Why? The button "Display Date" does not work actually. It does not display the date, beneath the title. Maybe it my fault and due misconfiguration, but I don't know. But since it is free and 99% of the ext. works very good, I am quite happy.
bybitinthenet, May 16, 2012
I'd would to give five stars, but this ext. has a big problem and I don't want to spend money fixing it.

If I use multiple time this component in the same page and at different module position, happens this:

The highest slideshow in the module positions works perfectly, the following ones loose the resolution of the image after few seconds.
Owner's reply

I am afraid this problem is not related to sigplus in any way. Instead, it appears that some third-party extension is interfering with sigplus, and causes it to malfunction. If I were you, I would take a look at my smart image loader extension or my template if it ships with a built-in smart loader. Unfortunately, sigplus cannot be prepared to counteract aggressive extensions that either intentionally or unintentionally refuse to be nice and play by the rules.

bybitinthenet, March 1, 2012
Ok, I want to say that this extension is very good. At least in my case. Installation, personalization etc was quite easy. I would suggest the developers to put the documentation link within the admin panel of chronoform, such as "easy wizard" etc. I had trouble figuring out what was the "E-mail" tab for. If you add documentation links, I think you reached perfection. :D Thank very much. Dimitri