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bybjdan, March 13, 2014
Parallax CK
This slider is outstanding and a very useful tool for parallax effects. The demo looks poor, but in fact you can do very exciting visual effects with it.
bybjdan, July 6, 2013
WDS Twitter Widget
Many try to find a new twitter widget. This one works with the new API. Fine in 3.0. Recommended!
Integrates very nice to common frameworks and templates - so you get a clean, stylish look.
Bad, bad, bad Retro Joomla 1.0 look in the backend with eye catching buttons in 1990 style :). If you want it free read about the "follow button".
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

bybjdan, July 6, 2013
Survey Force Deluxe
One of the best components I have ever used. Perfect for commercial use. 3.0 version should arrive soon - I hope, this is true. Had only problems with max-width for tables in safari using a responsive template. Should be solved in J3.
bybjdan, July 6, 2013
n3t Coming Soon
Useful for so many needs... Complete solution for absolute perfect Landing-Pages, Offline-Pages, Client-Prelaunch-Pages. Includes everything that you may want to use. You can use it in minutes or built a very complex page on it.
bybjdan, May 12, 2013
Akeeba Release System
The best and most complete component in the JED; its free; the basic setup is easy; and it integrates nice with your design.
bybjdan, May 11, 2013
Exiting and revolutionary ! - maybe it needs a little time to check what it does and how it works. But at least you need nothing more to make a plain Joomla Website extraordinary and exciting. The Cons: Rocket Solutions are complex and its not so easy to understand the code. In case there is a problem its mostly hard to solve. The Pros: This extension really represents the future of web. Every app is responsive. I found it also very fast and integrating nice with many other extensions and frameworks. Its only necessary to think, what it does: it pulls content and shows it in different styles; so if you let it pull 1000 pictures it will slow down your website. Conclusion: Best app on the market.
bybjdan, May 11, 2013
Helps a lot for a very fast, simple solution. Makes a site a little more secure within seconds. Should be an core feature.
bybjdan, May 11, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
Awesome extension, well done; my clients are very happy and surprised how nice it looks and how useful it is. Thats the reason for my rating. On the other hand its important to know, that this extension runs on Dojo, so it ads a (mostly) third js-Libary to your website. It also loads Google Fonts (in my case an outdated font) and its a little hidden, where to switch that (5-6 times :) ) off. And it seems to have an extensive caching, that you cannot control via interface; it adds an changing digit when you install it to its main css-classes - useful to know that before you customize it. I tested it successful on Joomla-Content, Virtuemart 2 and K2. Works perfect with all (goes with the Core-Search, so all the Plugins - also for the extensions - have to be enabled.)
bybjdan, May 11, 2013
I Am a Flower Circular Menu
..outstanding, creative, funny. Something special, something unique and creative. Like it a lot. Customizing the visual effect generates very different and unique solutions - the JED needs more stuff like this.
bybjdan, January 18, 2012
JB Type
Provides all nice tools to make articles look good - captions, boxes, colors, icons. Perfect solution!
If you use the additional jce plugin its much more then this! Genial!
bybjdan, January 18, 2012
Did not work a few month for my hosting configuration in 1.6 and 1.7; but all problems are solved now and it is again the perfect solution it was in 1.5 days.
bybjdan, January 18, 2012
Very helpful to create captions; should be an inbuilt joomla plugin
works perfect, saves time; looks great out of the box - and has no styling limitations.
bybjdan, October 14, 2011
I used it in 1.5., 1.6. and 1.7. and had no problems at all. Solid work.
To fit it to your needs you do not have a stylish graphical backend interface and you have to use code expressions - but every code used and every step is explained in tooltips beside. Design needs a fresh breeze.
It looks great, one of the best designed joomla extensions ever. Its the right choice for many needs.

Unfortunately you will miss the most usual features, if you want to use it for commercial websites.
bybjdan, October 14, 2011
Qlue Accordion
its useful and you can use it in many ways; the design is excellent, and it worked properly in many different installations.
bybjdan, October 14, 2011
Qlue Tabs
design excellent, done well. Thank you for a new spirit in joomla design
bybjdan, October 14, 2011
I bought this to use it with Google-Calender. The first time shown on the first event is UTC Time - that means wrong in other timezones.
After typing the Google address, the field gets lost. If you have to change anything, you have to open a new module, hopefully you remember all the settings.
Its an unusual horizontal display; you cannot use it in a different way without changing the code.
At least I wanted to use it for j-events; here the single event does not link to the correct event.
Update last days (this is the original posting "updated to version 1.6 for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.5 for Joomla! 1.7." :)
Membership expired. Don´t want to give it a try.