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bybjude, February 1, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I tried an earlier version of this extention with an 1.7 Artisteer template and had problems and so was put off but have very recently reloaded my website with J2.5 from start and used the standard template, 1st loading Akeebabackup and 2nd this extension for security. Though the help website is largely written in German which may put off some, it is easy enough to load this plugin which worked instantly and seamlessly. I absolutely hate squiggly character captchas and constantly have to replay them so this is a welcome change. Full marks for this free and simple plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bybjude, September 15, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Have always wondered whether Joomla backups of data and database worked as a user never knows until it is too late if it doesn't. On an earlier occasion this has happened for me.
However, this one does work and very well too.
Using this package I backed up my 7 year old online site, ftp'd the file to a PC running Windows Vista and Wampserver 2.0 and after using Kickstart (the other neccesary part to this package) was able to have a localhost perfect working copy. Now convinced that any backup would work in the future, and am breathing sighs of relief. All work completed in a very short time span and at no cost. Nicholas deserves the praise given by many users for this work. Many Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and your kind words! I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that an untested backup is not a backup. Meaning, every time you perform a major change on your site (lots of content, restructuring, updating component/modules/plugins/templates) please take a backup and do a test restoration on a local machine, making sure the restored copy works. It only takes an extra 10 minutes and provides you with adequate peace of mind that, should the unthinkable happen, you will be able to recuperate reliably and very fast. And one last thing: you can never have too many backups! Backup, backup, backup - the more often, the better ;)

bybjude, October 27, 2010
Great extention, easy to install. Works well.
Just put filname between tags within an article and when clicked it plays.
Could not see a tag for mpg though so converted using movieplayer adding a header.
bybjude, October 21, 2010
googleMaps by kksou
Been using this plugin for some time, the latest version is excellent as it includes Google Earth (3Dish). Had problem with generating the right API as I put in www when trying to generate it as I had not read Google instructions carefully enough. Once I had put only the site address as per Google note it created the correct API and worked.
bybjude, October 16, 2010
Tried loads of RSS feeds and some had errors some didn't work. This one did. Easy to install, contained working feeds that only needed editing.
Best of the bunch with no problems. Yes it has restrictions and this meant it had to be in a bottom position. Linked the 3 alternative feed sites and it worked flawlessly.
bybjude, October 8, 2010
Have only tried this offline as a test but it seemed to be very simple to set up and worked perfectly unlike other products I had tried.
Using it for a small non profit club and only a few club items so it seems ideal. Simple online instructions from creator. Hope it's as easy to set up online.
bybjude, November 6, 2009
Simple Image Holder
Trying to get banners to work with the template I was using and adding html to edit the template kept spoiling the table line and I could not find a way of putting in an image without using article content. This module did the job.
However, I got nervous when it disappeared from the modules list and I installed another module and it came back and works well (J1.5.14) (may be local issue)
It would be very useful if further simple images could be added, though I do not know whether this is possible using modules.
Owner's reply

Hey Bjude,
you can always add more images by copying the module, and changing the data for each copy.

thanks for the great rating :)

bybjude, June 30, 2009
The site is a small club with a fireboard forum and all new users are moderated in line with child protection. Continual attempts by hackers intent on posting in the forum meant that individual addreses had to be posted into stopforumspam to see if they were regular users or forum spammers to be deleted. This simple program has saved that work as the club passphrase, easily passed around, has to be entered before allowing registration and later moderation. Great job.
bybjude, March 18, 2008
Using moving up to Joomla 1.5.1 I could not find a translator that worked. Author was extremely helpful, suggesting the use of Google rather than Yahoo when wrapper class onfront page caused some errors. Worked best with Firefox as asian language did not display in IE7 (maybe a local issue) The best (only?) available online translator for Joomla 1.5.1. As suggested, flags would be nice rather than drop down text but a great start. Keep up the good work
Maybe it's not the best business package but for the language challenged among us, absulutely great.
bybjude, October 23, 2007
Page Peel Banner
Great job, no issues or problems as yet.
Simple to install, easy to adapt looks good.
I'm not sure how I would view this however, if it became common on a lot of pages, it's the rarity value that gives the feel of professionalism, commonplace it may appear tacky.

A choice of position of the folded portion ie bottom left, top left, bottom right would be beneficial for some users and would allow greater flexibility. May also be a nice addition to content pages, if this were possible.
bybjude, May 21, 2007
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Community Builder
I agree with many of the other users comments. Undoubtably it should be the de facto standard and incorporated into the joomla module from the start as boy!, is it scary to install.
Even practice loading it offline, prior to installing online did not give me much confidence when it came down to it. I had put a number of joomla extensions online over a 6 month period but this was the toughest mentally, though in the end, it wasn't so bad but I did end up posting a none existent problem to the joomopalis forum.
I haven't yet got the club secretary's go ahead to pay for the manual but I think it will be well worth it (and necessary) for the future. The loading of the plugins through the program was, in itself, something new for me. Why is it necessary to have separate plugins for a security capcha and registration feedback? as this combines to make the whole installation process even tougher. I've also installed the birthday module, which I'm stll working on and haven't quite sorted out, the option for it not to be displayed.
As yet I haven't used joomla 1.5, but certainly it would be a more powerful attraction if this was the standard user login.
Club members can now securely enter personal details and admin officials can easily access them. There are so many options, which is great but there are also awkward terms such as synchonise the database and other difficulties that frighten the newbie and may put off potential users. Once in place, the package appears excellent and it is likely, that more developers will create addins but the run up is very hard and I'm still pouring through the free manual and scared the package is going to turn around and bite me for my troubles
bybjude, May 13, 2007
JCal Pro
Having had Extcal as one of the earlier joomla calendar solutions, which was generally excellent but the latest events section missed displaying some important data.
This solution was tried but an early version had a minor bug with no listed fix however, the latest version has dealt with that and I agree with others that this is now the best joomla calendar program yet available. Indeed, it's strange that a number of other joomla sites haven't yet utilised this feature more.(Especially small clubs and sporting organisations)
Though it can probably be changed,(I'm just not sure how)the monthly set out can be a little confusing because the monthly data is shown on the one page and the monthly titles are shown on the top bar. This can lead to accidentally entering data in the wrong month.
ie titles
1 7 14
and so data for 14th June can be accidentally entered as 14 th July. These titles need to be faded back further and the centre title and colours made more vivid
The great thing, is that it's an upgrade to Extcal and data previously entered can be imported directly into the new Jcal version. Great job, Great addition
bybjude, April 27, 2007
I always try components and modules offline in XP, prior to putting them on a linux site. This function was easy to use offline and it installed online just as well. It is great to put on simple colours or complex photo graphics into the menu. I cut some pieces from a photo, saved them as a png file and simply uploaded and added these to the menu. I was using an extended menu and replaced it with this one with ease. If anything there are too many options but the program is reasonably intuitive. Menus can easily be placed across the page, down the page, left submenus, right submenus in all kinds of colors and formats and even the submenus transparency can be adjusted. Borders can be added, removed or chosen as different colours. I didn't need the manual, just hacked it around offline and when happy used the same parameters online. Altogether a fine piece of software. It was a bit scary when the program came up with some horrid looking message and I thought everything would crash but this disappeared almost immediately and it has worked fine. No issues, but I keep expecting them because it has worked that well and there are so many options that I haven't tried them all yet.
Good Job
bybjude, March 21, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
My apologies to Mike Reumer as I have accidentally given one of my best ever reviews to the other Google package which also may be good but I know this one is great. This plugin has a very helpful author and is an excellent product, though to work, it needs an API code from Google (obtainable through the program), and the text html setup has to be exactly, exact, to work properly.
The plugin provides the potential for a number of maps and markers to be added to several content pages.
A must for any club or business.
Puts your site right on the map.
The program works best when the exact longtitude and lattitudes were used and I went to to get spot on markers
bybjude, February 5, 2007
It was one of the few chat programs that installed easily and seemed to work well. Unfortunately the use was for a child accessible site rather than for adults and without being able to limit rooms it had to be removed. The site also may have wanted in the future to earn some small income and this is what they classed as commercial. Good program though.
Owner's reply

You can disable guest access, you can disable private messages, what other limits are needed for your child accessible site?