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bybk9, November 4, 2011
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I must say that Fabrik is one of the two extensions that will give you the the most of your Joomla based site (the other being Seblod). It's true that such tools have a learning curve and require some efforts. But I'm no developer and Fabrik lets me achieve some very impressive results with just a basic understanding of MySQL databases. It's just... amazing :)

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bybk9, September 15, 2009
Anything Tabs
Too bad it doesn't show well with IE6 (i know it's an old and crappy browser but it's required for my job). Works perfectly in newer browsers. Nice and useful. Clever way to gain more space for menus and stuff. Anything Tabs fully deserves its 5 stars imho. In order to download it, you have to register first and then go to your profile for access. Sounds easy but i've struggled a little bit before getting it.
Owner's reply

We no longer support IE 6. It is a relic. Glad you like it! PS.You no longer have to register to download files.