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bybkudrle, April 1, 2009
I have used the previous versions of JEvent for Joomla 1.0.x on my sites for quite some time after trying other options, some for quite a while (GCalendar, EventList, redEVENT, JCalPro when it was free). I have recently revisited it because of its integration with a registration component that I bought, which requires it. JEvents is still my favorite because it has a clean, straightforward interface, can show events in calendar format (month, week, year) or list events using categories. The new 1.5 version has also added hierarchies of categories, which add another dimension of flexibility that I don't think is matched anywhere else. Its amazing to have all of this and it still remain a free component. I am not sure about other comments about non-support. I made a suggestion to the forum earlier this morning and had a reply back within hours about how to fix the problem, with the code to use and where to put it. Looks like good support to me.
bybkudrle, August 24, 2007
This is an awesome component. It can use PHP within the forms. So far I have been able to access data from other databases (on the same machine) and process data using custom PHP code without knowing the Joomla API. Also, with the mambot, I can stick forms within other pages. I am wondering now if this will save me from having to learn the Joomla API. Before this, if I wanted to have different types of custom functionality I was thinking that I might have to write custom extensions. At least in many cases, this is an easy substitute for that.