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byblackrat999, October 8, 2014
Like some other reviewers i had some perhaps peculiarities in the setup and the response from Hordur has been exemplary, it is a cracking component, makes the site look very professional and well worth the small cost.
byblackrat999, March 4, 2014
Admiror Gallery
Yep i have binned a couple of paid for components in favour of this one, works a treat and totally free.
Many thanks
byblackrat999, September 1, 2013
This really is class Joomla software, works out of the box and even adds a menu link if you cant do it yourself! Immediate Forum reply to a query.
thats that way they all should be but sadly are not !
byblackrat999, June 13, 2013
I used this components free version a few times and then upgraded to the pro version which was really cheap anyway. The scrolling module was worth the extra alone and then today i have emailed them asking for a code edit that i couldnt do myself and within 20 minutes they sent me back an edited php file with simple instructions - get this component in your websites now !!
byblackrat999, May 17, 2013
My ShortList
Brilliant, love this, now wondering which of my other sites i can use it on!!
cost £5 - bargain !
byblackrat999, December 11, 2012
Radio / DJ Schedule
I am so happy i found this component, works right out of the "box", simple to setup but with lots of options and as always i had a couple of small adjustment issues and got instant ticketed support - very impressive and how all Joomla components should be. did i mention its really cheap too ?!!
byblackrat999, November 5, 2012
Text Scroller
Brilliant and simple, worked straight away many thanks
byblackrat999, September 24, 2012
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VM Invoices
The latest version of this software and the latest version of VM2 are not compatible.

It doesnt send an invoice at all automatically and when you send one manually it doesnt correctly add the .pdf extension so the invoice cannot be simply opened.

Oh and dont bother trying to email the company after paying for it because he doesnt answer.

Latest in forum is just that there is an update coming - but as yet nothing and i am £25 down.

Not happy and this is the first bad review i have ever written amongst lots of great ones.
Owner's reply

The current version is known to be fully compatible with VM2. Maybe at time you wrote this review, there were problems, as the several first version of VM 2.x were quite buggy and also they have changed the DB structure several times, which caused updating VM Invoice as well.

byblackrat999, September 3, 2012
Virtuemart Product Wall
Yes really easy to setup and install and works beautifully as default settings or plenty of config options to adjust to your needs.
I had an issue which was caused by Virtuemarts peculiarities and support fixed it for me very quickly.
5 Stars thanks lots - worth every penny.
byblackrat999, August 12, 2011
Ignite Gallery
So many variables that are easy to apply and if you get stuck then Matt will help you out (for me twice within 24hrs each time).
Really brilliant component and makes my site look great
thanks Matt
byblackrat999, May 1, 2011
Art Feature Carousel
I have been looking for an image viewer with clickable URL linking and as a bonus this one can easily be set to _blank open in another window.

Installed and working in seconds and then i got almost instant forum support when i needed css help to move the viewer up 20px.

brilliant and better service than many paid for extensions.
byblackrat999, May 1, 2010
Event Registration Pro
This really is a great piece of software for Joomla. I have now used it on two sites and after the initial learning process it can produce some fantastic reults, i have two very happy customers.

My only issue was that when i bought it i dont believe i was directed to the latest version and i had some issues with auto emails which didnt work. The ticket system is very efficient though and after i had spent too long trying to fix it myself it was pointed out to me that the latest version fixed my issue immediately.

Great service and a great product which i will be using again and again - thanks.
byblackrat999, September 1, 2009
AjaxRegistration Pro
Excellent, works perfectly and does what i need it to do. I had a problem with a specific template and virginsoft support logged in and got it working for me within an hour of support request, i wish more were this user friendly. many thanks