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byblackwednesday, August 11, 2010
Just to explain: My rating isn't for the software. I had installed it without issue, and was just getting the hang of its operation.

The documentation isn't bad (no matter what others may say), but it can be confusing to learners. The docs assume that you are mildly tech-ish...which is great for some, but it reads like gibberish to others. No worries.

I doubt this will even be posted, but the attitude of "The Owners" has me put off a bit. Obviously unable to take criticism and then launching into snarkish comments isn't the best way to win public support. Sometimes 'users' may irritate you with questions, or fire out a complaint without really knowing what they're talking about, but that doesn't give free license to condescend or feel 'superior'. And THAT is what comes across more than anything in the Owner's Comments: They feel superior.

Well, I assure you that a lot of people out here aren't inferior, and it would benefit whatever business you're in to realize that. Learn how to take it on the chin, even when people are wrong. Try to educate without being a jerk about it. And then you'll have a loyal following. As of right now, I've decided against using the software as my own personal boycott. It's a shame too...the software is pretty good. But it's not the only game in town. I'd work on remembering that if I were they.
Owner's reply

Since your comment was indeed published on the JED -although it's not referenced to the extension itself- it would be more practical and/or helpful to provide some links of such arrogant behavior (to further strengthen your point) instead of just calling the K2 team arrogant... Cause I doubt you'll find any... If we were arrogant or feeling superior, we'd keep K2 to ourselves and NOT
a) spend half of our coding time to K2 or
b) give it away for free or
c) support it for free

Guess you never thought of these things, right?

byblackwednesday, November 30, 2009
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This plugin is neat I guess if you want to manually add "{backbutton}" to every article....yourself.

This isn't made clear enough to most users. And I really fail to see the point. If users are comfortable putting "{backbutton}" into every article, they should also be comfortable doing a minor edit to their template.

One quick edit to your template, and you'll have a "Back" button in ALL content items automagically.

One edit. MUCH simpler than adding a strip of code to the bottom of every article manually. No plugin's or components needed either.

This has been tested in Jooomla 1.5.14 & 1.5.15