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byblanblun, May 29, 2014
Ozio Gallery
This component lacks what other gallery components have. The possibility to display photos hosted in our servers... you can only link a google+ album, which is not a +. not at all
It was much better in the past when there was not this limitation.
Owner's reply

blanblun, is too easy to destroy in this ANONYMOUS way the reputation for a free extension. Who are you? How can I contact you? Are you a troll? This is a fake review? Two years have passed since the Ozio uses only images of G+. This free extension has evolved, it has become responsive and ADAPTIVE.
In G+ with Ozio can have 2000 versions for each uploaded image. A version for resized to a different pixel, pixel by pixel!!!. Automatically for each width request from any browser that displays the gallery, from any device. It is ADAPTIVE. This would be crazy to do for the images on the server, 2000 versions for each file.
I hope you can understand. I hope you're not a troll, I hope you did not use a false email just to give to Ozio Gallery a bad grade.
Now Ozio dropped down the rankings thanks to your fake vote. I hope you have a minimum of ethics, it is not just to punish so much this free extension. Please, please report the removal as the author of the review. Please, put one hand on your heart.

byblanblun, April 22, 2014
FW Gallery
I really like this component for my galleries and when I contacted them on their live support on the website they were very kind and fast in answering to my questions! Suggested!