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byblanderson, February 25, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
Contact Enhanced provides the additional functionality I need for displaying and managing multiple contacts' information and contact forms. Recently I was having an issue with the component and Mr. Machado was very prompt with responding and providing a solution. I highly recommend this extension for its functionality, ease of use and, most importantly, awesome support from the developer!
sh404sef is always one of the first extensions I install on a joomla site. Although, I was sad to see it go commercial, I definitely understand because a lot of time goes into making sh404sef I'm sure. It's definitely worth the small amount they're charging. And in response to an earlier comment, I'm using this extension on an IIS server and it works great! If you use Helicon's Isapi_Rewrite (free or commercial version) you can even use the .htaccess without index.php. When using isapi_rewrite you must add

if ( isset( $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL' ] ) )

to the beginning of your index.php file for it to work. This detail had me tripped up for a while. I would have given an excellent rating but sometimes I do have strange things happen, for instance, out of the blue on occasion my homepage will return a 404 error. Purging the 404 logs always fixes it and it may be something I have setup wrong???
byblanderson, March 19, 2009
I use this component on a couple of church sites. It's always one of the most visited pages. There are a few bugs that I've managed to work around, and my several entries in the support forum have went unanswered as have most others I've noticed.

Feature request: ability for prayer chain subscribers to reply to requester with words of encouragement, either through contact form or reply-to address. I've tried to use the setting to have the reply-to address be that of the requester when the request is sent to the prayer chain but it didn't work.
byblanderson, March 19, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
This plugin works exactly like it's suppose to. I use this on all my sites now. I tried a couple of the module based ones but I prefer the plugin approach! Works great!