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byblog_elimu_pl, May 31, 2014
Code 7 Responsive Slider
Almost perfect simple slideshow I used. I wish to have few more option in back-end.
byblog_elimu_pl, August 7, 2013
Simple form creator which allows you to build form or calculator. Cons - there is not documentation, for example, how to add related fields shown in demo version.
byblog_elimu_pl, December 25, 2012
Very useful component that I use for more than a few years, almost from the beginning. Nice that now support also Joomla 3.0.
byblog_elimu_pl, May 31, 2011
Admin Menu K2
Works perfect, only one cons, it should use a standard lanuage .ini files if it possible. Thanks. I will do a full polish transaltion and put on my blog.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, the new Joomla 2.5 module now uses K2 languages files for menu items.

byblog_elimu_pl, September 5, 2010
Ultimate Feed Display
I really like it. I have only one problem with "read more..." it's still in english, but rest is working extra.
Owner's reply

Thanks for you good words. If you have any problem you can open a support ticket. Thanks you

byblog_elimu_pl, August 16, 2010
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Why people put bad review? You can always cut away footer link and use it. Try to vote for tool not emotions.
byblog_elimu_pl, July 26, 2010
In my book in 2009 was some info about JomSocial, now one year later I saw there is even all book about JomSocial. This component is powerful, easy to use and now translate. Evens added in v1.8 are very useful. Now the only two options lack: payments or membership and photos voting!
byblog_elimu_pl, July 13, 2010
Thanks for coupon it's nice. Where I can find changelog about changes in versions? And still not all fields on admin panel can translated for others lanuages, why? Not all users (clients, members) are using english only. Rest is very nice.
Owner's reply

We are looking forward to hire translators to convert our English language file to different languages.

byblog_elimu_pl, June 30, 2010
My Events
Thanks, this is it. I bought your last plugin so I will buy this module as well. This module should be in JomSocial package Azurl from beginning!

Space Robot 5 - you should work to add lang file in next version. Because I still need to edit xml file.
byblog_elimu_pl, June 8, 2010
ComingSoon OG
Thanks, now I'm waiting for version who will work with K2 articles. This will be great, but easy to do I suppose for developer.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the idea.

byblog_elimu_pl, May 24, 2010
Nice component for Joomla! have some nice features with ACL but to name its real J!Extranent long way. First you have to work to add some options like in others extranet/intranet applications.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your words, we appreciate your interest!
You must keep in mind that is the first version and, depending on people's needs and based on their feedback, new options will be added in the future versions.

Also, in this price are included all the future updates, new versions, and support.

byblog_elimu_pl, March 16, 2010
KC Cufón Font Replacement
Very good support too. Very easy to use this plug-in, after you understand all tips eg. how to write right font name etc. Thanx