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byblouwagie, May 25, 2009
No doubt, Joomla is an fantastic product. Yet there is a constant mind contortion going on because you have to think about menus when you want to generate any content (a page), or of menus do not generate content it may be a plugin that generates content, and that plugin has to be on the page in question for it to work.

This pages and items completely takes that mind bending out of the Joomla experience, and it is a real relief. Not that I could not reach the same results before, but the steps are only 10% and you see all the elements that create a page together, so it is just quick and easy to get the page you want.
byblouwagie, May 16, 2009
I had to try several plugins before I got lucky. This plugin should indeed be part of the core code. I works well and is simple enough to get going. The look is clean.

If you first use it, have a look at the settings, since attachment by initial default only show to logged in users, which may confuse you at first.

Great tool that is well focused on what it wants to do !
Thank you.
I tried several Joomla mapping extensions for Google maps and this one is by far the easiest to get going. Download the module and install it and the rest is very intuitive.

What is great is that you can define several marker points and that it does not require you to learn any complex syntax.

I just would like to see some more configuration possibilities. There is no clear way to change the wording for getting directions and I did not see a way to work with Google KLM files. Yet with these shortcomings I come back to this one after having tried some others.

Also note: This is 1.5 native, many other map plugins seem not to be 1.5 native.
Owner's reply

Around the 1st of June there will be a big update on the component.

This new version will have more configuration possibilities and 2 more views, plus more.

byblouwagie, April 30, 2009
Phoca Gallery
Phoca is a real quality solution if you want a gallery. The product works well and there are a lot of extension and options that work together in a very consistent way in my experience. It take care of all the basics like bulk updates, grouping, categorising and gives many options to link galleries together.
I had worked with Gavick first, which is ultimately promising a more flashy presention, but Phoca works and the site and author are really friendly in a real open source spirit like Joomly itself it. Highly recommended.