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byblueagle1829, August 28, 2014
Had a problem in the admin area with a jquery conflict. The developer was contacted and they had it fixed literally within 10 minutes from when I purchased the component. Excellent support!
byblueagle1829, July 7, 2013
I would consider myself to be an experienced Joomla User, having developed more than 40 sites on the Joomla CMS platform ranging back to Joomla 1.0 and through 3.1.1.

RS Forms Pro is absolutely one of the best extensions that I have ever used, and so I was very excited to try RS Events Pro from the same developers. I have not been nearly as impressed with this component as I was with their last one.

To their defense, perhaps my expectations were too high because of how incredibly pleased I am with RS Forms Pro. However, RS Events Pro has continuously given me bugs, conflicts, configurations that aren't very intuitive, and features that I expected which are possible with RS Forms Pro but not with RS Events Pro. In short, I stopped using it all together and am just using RS Forms Pro now as a registration component for events. I really wanted the ability to limit the number of tickets being sold, but the trouble that I've been through with RS Events Pro has been more headache than it's worth. I'll continue to use JEvents and RS Forms Pro to accomplish my goals.

I've never left a review that was less than positive before, and I certainly don't mean to steer anyone away from this company. Their work is generally top-notch. This component just doesn't seem to be on par with their other work.

Their support is helpful (to a point) and generally reasonably quick to respond. Because of their assistance to me and the other components they offer, I'm not going to leave a negative vote on this component... This component has some awesome potential, it just needs to be a little more intuitive.

byblueagle1829, June 17, 2013
The interface that this component/plugin/template/module provide are FAR superior to the standard Joomla 3.0 "mobile friendly" interface. Combining this with some other components and a little imagination on your part will allow you to have a stellar mobile site.

I did contact support for a quick question, and they responded in less than six minutes. I don't know if they're always that fast, but they even offered to help with troubleshooting the integration into another component.

byblueagle1829, April 10, 2013
Stop looking for other multi-media display solutions! This is what you need to go with. The support is phenomenal, the component does exactly what it says, and the forum provides ideas and solutions for anything imaginable.

Simply put- I rarely write reviews. A component has to really be fantastic for me to write a review- and this one is! I can't say enough good things about HWDMediaShare!
byblueagle1829, February 25, 2013
RSform Pro
Service and Assistance = Excellent
Product/Component = Excellent
Ability to Modify = Excellent

Stop looking for other form components. Save yourself time and frustration- just buy the pro version. This is as good as they get.

I am not compensated in any way for this review, just an extremely satisfied customer.