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bybluebeachdesign, October 10, 2014
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
I've used widgetkit, CK and many other sliders Joomla compatible or not. This simply is amazing. Professional. Works right out of the box. I've been a developer for over 16 years. 5 stars all the way!
bybluebeachdesign, October 7, 2014
Has plenty of options when it comes to urls and meta tag generation. The issue I had is no support for paid software. Also is not compatible with existing virtuemart meta tags and the ability to propagate into JoomSEF meta tag management which is frustrating.
bybluebeachdesign, January 2, 2012
The sorting will only display 3 pages of results when there should be several. Hence the need for sorting. Their support is seriously lacking. After submitting a ticket and still waiting 2 weeks without an initial response. The install is easy to follow with the instructions. The setup fairly easy with ZOO customizing knowledge. If you only need 3 pages of results this is the extension for you. I am a Joomla Expert with over 10 years of web development & database experience.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear that. We haved some problems with support that are now solved, seems you were affected.

The new ZOOorder 2.5 version is ussing the ZOO native ordering feature, if you or anybody is still experiencing issues, please report them creating a Ticket Support.

ZOOlanders Team

bybluebeachdesign, July 15, 2010
JCK Editor
Great Editor,
Does not rewrite Code
Works with everything except YooTheme Zoo Framework.
bybluebeachdesign, July 15, 2010
16 years experience in the web development field.

Even if you disable the code rewriting it still edits your code. This even takes out HTML elements at times which it should never remove html tags.

JCE, it broke my site and this is not the first time.

The rating was actually raised on account that it is compatible with Zoo.
Owner's reply

"Even if you disable the code rewriting it still edits your code. This even takes out HTML elements at times which it should never remove html tags."

Some elements - script, object, param, applet, iframe are removed by default, for security reasons, unless an appropriate configuration option is set or JCe plugin installed.

Joomla! also cleans code of certain elements unless configured not to -

bybluebeachdesign, June 12, 2010
News Show Pro GK4
I have used News Show since GK1. I have been a web developer and designer for over 16 years and i absolutely love this module. The automated animation is just wonderful. The settings are so easy to understand. Please include font size changing in the next version, as i just used some css. I AM DONATING AND YOU SHOULD TOO
bybluebeachdesign, February 14, 2010
JSE Mootools Drop Down Menu
I love being able to edit ever aspect through css and when i have a question they answer promptly.

Thank you for the support and a excellent product. I look forward to future releases.
bybluebeachdesign, January 16, 2010
I think they have done a great job with the visual of the comment list. I think the form should still be styled with some css though to match your comment lists.

Just like other users i am having huge problems changing the language.ini file for english, you should be able to change the en language file and be done, but fhe form headers do not change when you adjust the language file! In the end i just removed the jtext and added my own. Backend hack but at least it is what i want.