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bybluelapis, January 11, 2013
En Masse
After researching about groupon-clone components, I’ve purchased En Masse Joomla. Got it for $331 with 3 months support & subscription. The Price is a little expensive but I didn’t mind as the quality and support of the product is very good.
After talking to many companies, what sold me on their product was the fact that they took the time to answer all my question and they were very forth coming on the limitations of the software. They even installed and set up EnMasse on my host server.
A month into using this product, I realize that En Masse could use some added features, features that I think would give me an advantage in the online deals business. To this, I requested modifications to En Masse. I mean wow, the team at Matamko understood what I wanted to do right away. They consulted with me and provide me with multiple solutions to my request, the cost, and the timeframe in which to complete the project.
They provided my with a test site to view and test my site and to see that all my requirements have been met and although I experience some bugs when testing the site, they fixed it for me and got everything working again.
In terms of quality, service, value, and support, I would rate this product 5 out of 5.
I am very satisfied with the product and the service they provide. Great Job!