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byblues_mack, August 24, 2010
After I have installed this the number of spam registrations increase three times. It looks like my site with the OsolCaptcha is sucking-in every false new spam-member from the internet.
Owner's reply

Not sure how to reply this frivolous remark.If there is some genuine issue , you need to either contact us or post it in the forum prior deriving your own conclusions and pouncing hastily to write something like this.Anybody can make a remark here like this and there is no way to know what exactly is wrong unless you elaborate your issue with references.One thing I can say for sure is that after you enable second level security and botscout options,not bot spams will pass through it.Botsout protection will also protect human spam to an extend and is available for some components beyond core joomla forms with form field named 'email' for eg:virtuemart registration.

It is always recommended to read the documentation and forum completely as is the case of any piece of software.Don't put the blame on developers for your ignorance

byblues_mack, December 22, 2009
I couldn't be more thankful for this component. Everything works great.

Except... Everybody is promising support for 3rd party extensions, but it is always a half-support.

I am angry these days about those half-integrations.
Azrul's JomComment, Joomlapolis Community Builder, UddeIM PMS and this component... Every one of them - great stuff... But, integrations or support between them is poor, in most cases just a nice goodnight story.