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bybluesguy, April 11, 2010
This is the extension I was looking for to help 'productize' my website. It was easy to install and easy to get working with my site. I think the biggest issue I have is getting the right 'meta tags' for the plugin to select items on Amazon. But that is my issue not a plugin issue. What I have been doing is making sure the first item in the Megatag is the ASIN & the second item is the title/author/artist/manufacturer of the product.

I would recommend getting this plugin for anyone who wants a simple way to productize their website with Amazon.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback. Your tip about using the ASIN as a meta tag is useful - I had not thought of that myself.

If you want to target a specific product you can also use embedding code with the plugin, but it is a less convenient way to do it.

You can also restrict the product search to specific categories, eg books as a way to restrict the results. There is a bit of trial and error I have found with Amazon search.

bybluesguy, December 8, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I am pretty hard on software because I spent most of my career developing mission critical software (people died if my software failed). I have rarely been impressed with software that is less than 'mission critical'.

I am impressed with Phoca Gallery and Jan the developer. I have a website with hundreds of categories and over 5000 individual jpg images which Phoca Gallery is supporting. Not only did the software handle my site with very few problems but when I had a problem, Jan was very quick to help me resolve the problem.
bybluesguy, December 8, 2009
Phoca Gallery Tree
I have a very large photography gallery on my website with layers of categories. This module for Phoca Gallery made navigating to the sub-category for a particular set of photographs very easy for my users.

Great tool.
bybluesguy, August 18, 2008
This extension worked right out "of the box" (so to speak). I have some material on my site which is 'hidden' and only available to people who have an account. Xmap handled generating sitemaps for people who have an account and people who don't have an account. Each sitemap is unique for each type of user. Thank you for a useful piece of software.