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bybluexp, September 24, 2011
I searched alot to find a plugin to create image thumbnails, I found some plugins but this one is the most feature rich plugin I found.
I am now using it on joomla 1.7 without a problem
of course there are some minor bug (I found one).
And I wish the possibility to choose whether showing full size image or thumbnail in article view layout.
bybluexp, April 28, 2011
sp accordion
I found this extension very simple and easy to use.

But I want to ask developer to add "read more" support to this extension.
bybluexp, January 30, 2011
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Although software version in JED is 0.7.12, download link leads to downloading v 0.7.0.
After downloading and installing v0.7.0, I setup a menu to show Standard Budget layout of one of default existed types. But that menu link shows nothing in frontpage (the page is empty).
Then I tried to check version and I found out that latest version is 0.7.13 and I tried to install latest update which leaded to error.

I am not a newbie using joomla and its extensions, and I am really confused how the others managed to get this working.
Owner's reply

If you set not file_get_contents in your server, you can not auto-upgrade the component.

Too, you could directly download the component from SVN, last version:,

I have now update link in my web,

By last, I think that you must be more careful before of name to my free component: "poor and dont work", a lot of people are using it.


bybluexp, January 24, 2011
JCK Editor
I used both this editor and jce.
I realy like jck because of some of advance features like content templates. But it lack some image styling function in contrast to JCE.
I am waiting to see a compatible version of jck for joomla 1.6.
Owner's reply

Dear bluexp, we are now 1.6 compatible and so too is the component and a number of our plugins! Thanks for your review :o)

bybluexp, December 17, 2010
This extension solved a big problem for me. I found it very useful.
Their support are really fast and helpful. I've never seen such a great support for a free extension anywhere.
Owner's reply

Wow, thanks :)

bybluexp, December 3, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I tried different free solutions for sending newsletter to customers and this extension was came out to be the most comprehensive solution for this purpose.
Aside from its rich features, there are some series bugs including one which would easily make you a spammer. I know this is not a place for reporting bugs, but I am trying to express my experience using this extension. I will address these bugs on their support forum. here is a short list of bugs I found out:
1. when importing users and assigning them to a list, it is shown a wrong number for imported subscribed users.
2.When you want to send a newsletter to a defined list,it assumes that you want to send it to all users (no matter they are in list or not) and will ask you whether you want to send it again to previously sent users/lists (being careless in this step will lead to sending a newsletter double or triple or ... to a user)
3.I am not sure this is bug. There is a strange behavior on the process of sending mail.there is popup(lightbox) showing the process of sending.after a batch is send,a counter starts counting down the time set between batches, but during this count down the page was automatically refreshed and suddenly it starts running next batches.hopefully my list wasn't so long to mark me a flag for spamming.

After all,I want to thank the developers of this useful extension for providing such a great capabilities in this extension for free.
I hope they can fix those bug soon.
Owner's reply


1/ This is an issue we introduced in our latest release but thanks to your e-mail, we already fixed it in the current 1.6.0 version so it was only during one day in our package.

2/ You can attach your Newsletter to one or several lists so when you send it, AcyMailing will send it to your list subscribers (the lists you selected).
If you try to re-send a Newsletter you already sent, AcyMailing will display a message to enable you to resend your Newsletter only to your new users (so nobody will get it twice) or to resend it to all your users. But it will only send it to your list subscribers even if you select "all users".
AcyMailing will never send a Newsletter to absolutely all your users, regardless to the option you selected.
It will send a Newsletter to the users subscribed to the lists you attached to your Newsletter.

3/ In order to avoid time out or other server limitations, AcyMailing may refresh the send process.
You could reduce the number of e-mails you send per batch and/or reduce the pause between two batches to avoid this behaviour.
But your review made us think about an other solution to handle that and avoid the server restrictions without having to refresh the page... so thank you :) that should be implemented in the next release.
You could also use our automatic send process (commercial versions) to make 100% sure you send a fixed number of e-mails per hour.