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bybmheck, February 3, 2012
Up and running in one minute flat. Tested in current versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE with no issues. Figured out the syntax in about 10 seconds.

No doubt some other extension might have some extras (though for tooltips, how many extras do you need?) but this does the tooltip job perfectly.
bybmheck, July 27, 2009
It's obvious that this extension is greatly needed -- finding that you cannot easily add captions to images must come as a shock to new Joomla users. (It sure was a shock to me.) The idea behind this extension is therefore obvious -- but no one had done it before, so congratulations to the developer!

I just installed this extension and, so far, it works just fine. Our site does not have a photo gallery installed, so I can't speak to conflicts in that area. Testing so far is with Firefox 3.x and IE 7.

I was able to modify the appearance of captions by adding a bit of code to the template.css file. However, the fact that one needs to mess with CSS keeps me from giving this extension a rating of "Excellent" -- ideally, users should not have to be knowledgeable about CSS to do at least a little basic styling, e.g., make captions bold or italic or center them under the images. That's not to take anything away from this extension, though: using it is infinitely easier than messing around with the Joomla captions mechanism -- and it apparently works better, too. Thank you Mr. Römer!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

I understand the problem of "messing with CSS" you mentioned. So I guess I should add the option to define the styles within the plugin's parameters. Put this on my to to-do list for v0.2.

bybmheck, January 4, 2009
It works first time, every time. Includes all sorts of nifty touches and allows authors ranging from complete newbies to experienced writers to be productive.

You may have seen the dire warnings about the WYSIWYG editor messing up your custom HTML code in an article. Not with JCE: if it's good HTML, JCE leaves it alone. That feature alone makes this editor a winner for me.

Nice job!
bybmheck, October 3, 2008
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For those with a fairly small number of products without a lot of product options, this shopping cart will work very nicely. You wouldn't want to run a major storefront with it, but this extension is especially nice if you are just selling a few products on an existing Web site -- the extension doesn't get in the way.

There are several nice ideas here. For one thing, the product display is done with standard Joomla! articles; you just embed codes in the article that display the product name and price and allow adding to the cart. (Contrast this with the more common approach of dynamically building display pages.) Sure, the Simple Caddy approach is limited: for example, if you change products often you will go nuts changing the product description articles. But for a small store with a few stable products, it's really easy. And this approach allows you to do all sorts of things within the product display -- anything you can do in Joomla!

Again, there are significant limitations. The only payment option is PayPal (which does work just fine). Simple Caddy does not track payment status once it hands off an order to PayPal; if the customer fails to complete the payment, you won't know until you match up PayPal records with orders. Within products, you can have only one type of option: for clothing, you could have either size or color but not both size and color (unless you combine size and color to have choices such as "small red" and "large blue" -- not very practical in most cases).

These limitations are absolutely fatal for those who have lots of products and expect lots of orders. But for sites like mine (a non-profit that sells a few items as fund raisers a few times a year), Simple Caddy hits the mark.

By the way, we did look at Virtue Mart -- great component but much more overhead to set up and forces some changes in the way we approach dealing with our members. So don't ask whether Simple Caddy is "better" than something like Virtue Mart -- they are designed for different audiences and each is fine for its intended purpose.

We have not asked for support yet, but scanning the forum for the component shows that there is an active user base and questions are being answered quickly.

One additional note: when I tried to register for the forums on the Atlantic Intelligence Web site, the spam blocker kept rejecting my registration. I was using Firefox 3.0.3; trying the same thing in IE 7, it worked fine. Once registered, I could log on with Firefox. So if you run into that problem, maybe the IE solution will work for you.
bybmheck, August 19, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Used with Joomla! 1.5.x. Installation is a snap, backup works first and every time, plenty of administrator control for backup options but easy even if you don't know what's going on under the covers -- what more could you want?

The hidden gem, though, is the Kickstart restore script. It's not a component, but instead is a PHP script that makes restoring -- or copying an entire Joomla! installation -- a breeze. If you are copying a Joomla! installation to a new location, you do have to create an empty database and copy the backup ZIP file to the new location, but Kickstart takes care of unpacking the ZIP file, putting everything where it should be, populating the new databse, and other messy details. Very nice indeed!

Top it all off with very responsive support on the JoomlaPack forum and you have a definite winner.