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bybnecom, April 13, 2007
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I am always willing to pay for a product or service that is going to provide value to me.

I am sad to say that this is not the case with ArtioSEF.

I paid for the product, installed it, had problems placed my issues on their forum and they deleted all but one of my posts. Obviously they do not want any negative comments about their just aweful product.

On the one post they left on their forum the finally replied after a day and a half and said it wasn't the products issue, I must have the wrong permissions set.

The scary thing about this is I support people for a reason and while I have more than my fair share of PEBKAC's, I do read manuals. What is more I had a previous version installed that was working although it more then halved my website performance with the number of queries the product creates on each page access. I uninstalled the previous version before installing the new one as per the very limited documentation on the product. Nothing annoys me more then a vendor trying to blame everything else but their own products for causing issues.

Documentation is another issue, I don't mind scrambling my way around a product and through forums for free things but when I have paid for an item I expect it to have at least a reasonable explanation of the products features.

I have asked the developers for a refund but don't hold any hopes for a resolution to this situation.

All I can say is I am going to OpenSEF and recommend other do the same.
Owner's reply


we cannot agree with this comment. We do not delete any post in our forums, unless they are rude or completely wrong.

We always try to provide the users the best support and there is very detailed documentation available both online and with the product.