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bybobbravo2, November 14, 2009
OSE Membership™
Great support. Contacted them about a modification to the component to allow memberships to expire at a fixed time.

They built a new version of the component in 12 hours! Buy priority support if you're on a mission critical application - these developers deserve it!
bybobbravo2, March 14, 2009
Quite simply, JCE makes Joomla! the best CMS out there. Buying the $20 YEARLY subscription gives you access to extensions that make it a real commodity to your customers. Admins can make default image & thumbnail resizing restrictions that make photo galleries & light boxes a snap to administer.

Also, the developer is constantly making improvements to an already incredible editing system. JCE Extensions make the entire front-end Joomla! content publishing experience very intuitive. Very easy to use, once you know the administration style (ie- modifying the crowded JCE default editor layout, defining permissions on uploads, etc.).

The developer to JCE is active in the forums, and responds to bugs via email!

Worth supporting for $20/year
bybobbravo2, March 14, 2009
Great extension! Has a very active user base, with highly engaged developers.