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bybobby1945, June 3, 2011
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Anyone who has html pages to import needs this. I used the 1.5 version.

It is slick. Once I was going to India to hire people to do this. I imported over 1000 pages with 45 minutes prep. I just wish I had this program to do the other 3000 pages that were done by hand. It would have saved me years of sweat and toil. I also found Barnaby to be very responsive to questions.

If you can get your html pages in order for import this is definitly the crown jewel of joomla extensions. Barnaby deserves to be knighted by the Queen.
bybobby1945, December 15, 2008
I have been using the scrip jos_replace but it will not install in 1.5 so I was stuck and couldn't upgrade until I found a replacement for replace :-).

Moving to a new server so you bet I was nervous. This is it. Has the same function as ssi and is a real Swiss army knife.

Works even better than the original. Hallelujah!!!
Owner's reply

By original, you mean jos_replace. But ReReplacer is not built on jos_replace. It is a completely new extension.
And you are right, ReReplacer is a real Swiss army knife. :D

bybobby1945, March 16, 2007
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Almost finished building a new site with Joomla but found these two problems before I went live.

1. does not resolve the same as Could not find anything on their site to correct this.

2.Original joomla url index.php?xxxx returns a message "You are authorized to view this page". Apparently new bug in latest build. Many messages on their forum, but no answers. Artio pages yield same result.