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I had legacy mode turned on so I could use some of the 1.0, 1.5 comment solutions that had been around for a while, like mxcomments and I had issues with some of the core Joomla functionality I wanted to use like feeds requiring the cache directory and mine always getting deleted by some automatic process, and the way that clickable article titles wouldn't work in legacy mode.

I tried your comments solution, native 1.5, and it is working fine. So you have solved several problems for my site without directly intending to do so, thank you.

I was a little nervous about going with a new component but reading the joomla development blog link you provided was very reassuring.

The only issue I have had so far is that the smiley's and bbc code plugins won't install, error says there isn't an xml file.
Owner's reply

I have to update documentation of yvSmiley and yvBBCode plugins: to install that extensions, you have to extract nested zip file, e.g. '' from packages with version-independent names (e.g. from '' file).