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bybobbykyn, June 18, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
To be honest this module was fantastic, even as a 'lite' edition as the developer suggests, it does everything I need. The module itself was effortless to set up and implement, the problem was... getting the module.

You will notice that you cannot directly download the module, but rather the developer requires you to email them and go through a longer process which otherwise could've been a click of a button.

I really like this module, and I think the artetics team did a brilliant job, but it would most definitely be EVEN better if both the 'getting' procedures was just as simple as the 'using' the module.

Keep up the good work, this truly was a great module!

p.s. I particularly loved how it has an auto thumbnail creator (even in this lite edition) which saved me a LOT of trouble.