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bybobmeetin, February 17, 2011
I download and license lots of extensions, some just to test some because of special needs. In this case it was for a client who needed some functionality to integrate with FaceBook. It took a while to comprehend all the options and functionalit.

I found the developers to be both responsive and motivated to succeed. It's great to see folks willing to write a detailed response, whereas with many extensions, you get one-liners that don't answer the question and result in more waiting and more communications, and eventually, aggravation.

They went out of their way to help me with some PHP/JavaScript code in helping me develop a custom comment form that both tests for a valid connection to FaceBook and posts the comment to FB, using the API functionality. This wasn't a simple task and took numerous communications but it works rock solid!
bybobmeetin, May 12, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
This is another easy to use, functionally rich, Joomla component. It was easy to install and easy to configure, logically laid out.

But beyond that tech support is absolutely phenomenal. I've licensed a number of Joomla modules and components - and commonly find support to be invisible or evasive or impossible for the commoner to understand.

With this product I ran into a problem with it displaying correctly on an older Joomla template, reported the issue and was pleasantly surprised by how responsive and helpful Douglas is. Although the problem turned out to be a problem with the particular theme, he helped me to identify the root cause and provided a workaround.

Yet equally important was the fact that Douglas didn't show attitude and communicated in terms that I understood without going into over-technical tech jargon. A program is only as good as the support; I would recommend Contact Enhanced to anyone.
bybobmeetin, May 12, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
MooTools has been out for a while with some nice accordion style functionality. It's great seeing it make its way into a FAQ component where space is commonly limited or simply because you don't want to display all the FAQ content on the initial load.

MooFAQ provides a great way to provide an easy to create, clickable to expand, table of contents.
bybobmeetin, August 16, 2009
Joom Donation
After searching through and testing numerous donation modules I found this one to be the most complete (of those tested).

Many of the other modules work well for passing donation information directly to PayPal, but with this you are able to maintain donation info (and membership info if you want to call it that) in tables within your Joomla database. That brings us much closer to one-stop shopping, our goal for both development/administration as well as our audience.

RFE #1) PayPal and similar businesses take fees out for processed transactions. It would be nice to be able to offer the Donor and checkbox, radio button etc, where he/should could check to add a the percentage and transaction fee to the donation so that the organization gets the full donation amount. With PayPal it is typically a percentage, 2-3% and a transaction charge of $.30 or so per transaction.

RFE #2 - The fact that it is already configured to work with is a bonus, thank you. What is the possibility of setting it up to work with other gateways such as "CDG Commerce"? Their fee structure is less aggressive than

Again, the component is well worth the $20 or so I paid for it.