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Admin Tools Professional
I've been using Admin Tools Pro for over a year and has always been very satisfied with it. It does what is advertise. It's updated frequently with bug fix and improvements which is reassuring as a client. I know the developers are maintaining this extension (and their others BTW) very well, seriously and consciously.

It is also an added value to the service i provide to my clients. Making them also happy to know additional security is added to their websites.

I started with the free version, but was so happy, that it took me only 2 seconds to think whether i should get the pro version or not.

I've never been disappointed. The support is excellent and fast. And i never had some stupid answers you can get by other paid extension support because they don't read your question or other answer properly or stupid/irrelevant answers to buy time. With the Akeeba team i get a working answer all the time.

85 euros for Admin Tool Pro and Akeeba Backup Pro plus high priority and private ticket support; is nothing. If you think about it. For any web developer (newbie or agencies) that cost is absorbed by only one (yes 1) contract. But you get to install these Pro extension on as many sites as you want.

All in all, i strongly recommend this extensions and their other ones. For me they became part of my default install with JCE when i start a joomla website.
bybobthebob01, April 5, 2012
Ohanah is one of the best (if not the best) event management extension for Joomla!

I've tried and use different ones, and ohanah is just working well and is very easy to use.

I've been using it almost since it came out and the latest version (v2) shows some really great features and improvements.

The support has been good. Questions are answered pretty quickly and they seem to listen to their community which is also a great sign.

The ohanah team has some smart developer who made some nice features (dynamic module, easy template integration etc...). And giving a mobile ready version is just plain awesome.

And from what i can see, there are so great improvement and feature coming up.

I'd recommend this extension to all people who wish to manage events on their Joomla! website.
bybobthebob01, September 18, 2011
Akeeba Backup
This extensions is really great, it's not even funny.

The installation was simple, the set-up is easy as well given all the explanation, tool tip an guides. Sure there are many settings as you would expect from a professional extensions. But not too many that you are discouraged looking at the config page.

The restoration process is a breeze! so simple.

It's definitely worth getting the pro version. I used to always go for free extensions. But what you get for such small price is no doubt valuable. And when you think about it, just factor the cost in your next project(s), and basically, your extension will be paid for by clients, and will benefits you for all sites.
And since time is money, you will save a lot of money with this extension. A very good ROI is you ask me.
Let alone providing additional service to your client by providing them with peace of mind knowing that their entire site is backed up frequently and ready to be restored very quickly.

Great work Akeeba team !
bybobthebob01, August 30, 2011
Up until now, Joomla! is pretty much the go-to-with when asked to build a website. No question asked

Now, not only i use Joomla! to build pretty much all my site. But Flexicontent has become "THE" CCK extension i install to build the sites.

It is so flexible, it's unreal. And unlike other CCK, the templating system is so simple to play with.
I've tried other CCK extensions which can also be powerful, but either the templating system was complicated or the extensions itself was hard to set up.

The Flexi team is doing an amazing work!

Flexicontent has become the second extension with JCE i install right after i install Joomla!
bybobthebob01, January 14, 2011
JCE is simply THE editor extension to install.
It is always the first extension i install after installing Joomla! itself.

If you ask me, it should be the default editor packaged with Joomla!

Even the subscription fee is well worth to buy and only 20$. When you think about the added value you bring to your own project or client's project 20$/year is nothing.

Seriously, a must have extension!
bybobthebob01, March 16, 2010
Really good component.

Works great out of the box. Easy to configure and use.

Since it is already so good compare to others (paid and free ones), i will only make little/unimportant comment.

In the admin interface, i would simply use the default Joomla! icons for: new, publish, delete etc. So it looks the same. Makes it visually easier as any heavy Joomla! admin knows these icons.

The text area where you can enter your css or html template should be wider and taller.

it's just for user friendliness. That's all i have to say cause the rest is simply working fine!
bybobthebob01, September 17, 2009
Quite a good extension, easy to install and use.

And it works right out of the box, just as you need it to do.

For me it lost few points in the customization. The template and css for the views are not quite well done. But if it comes from a pure developer then i am not surprised ;)

But the most important is that it works great.

cheers for that extension