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iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I tried a few slider plugins before trying MooFAQ. Some of them worked, but none of them well and were very difficult to set up. Then I decided to look up FAQ and I am so thankful I did. I tried some of the other free FAQ systems but none of them worked the way I needed them to. But MooFAQ is working very well for me.

I did run into a few problems with the component. So why would I give it an Excellent rating? The developer of the component was extremely helpful and found a workaround very quickly. Plus, he told me that he would work on a total fix before the end of the week.

He provides some of the best support I have seen with an extension from Joomla.

Is this component worth the money? Absolutely!
Google Maps by Reumer
The Googlemaps plugin is a very useful tool. It has all the major functionality in the Google Maps API as well as some advanced features I was not expecting. When looking at other implementations of google maps I found them confusing at least and at most practically impossible to implement without making modifications to style sheets and code. This plugin worked once installed without any major problems. Within the Firefox development tools the page rendered no errors what so ever. This plugin did not create any CSS errors, its render mode was Standards Compliance and did not produce any Java Script errors.

I did have one problem that Mike Reumer (the developer of this plugin) emailed a solution. I had a small problem with white text showing up on the white background of the information window. Most people who have black text on their site would never even have this problem. But Mike showed me how to add a div tag to solve the problem.
Do not hesitate to use this plugin, I have used it on many sites and it has always worked in every browser I have used (this includes the browser found on an IPOD touch).