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bybolekKorbolek, December 16, 2012
Hierarchical Category Filter
This is what I have been looking!
It is simple! And powerful. One other reviewer complained about not SEO - but if you filter, then click in category blog >> article - then you can see SEO link in navigation bar - so is it a problem? I don't know - for me this plugin is very good. When you have many categories - it is a must - if you want to have super filter to show cat blog. Works on J2.5 Best regards
bybolekKorbolek, June 25, 2012
n3t Coming Soon
1. For free
2. Wonderful design
3. Mega Functionality
4. Very Easy
5. 5/5 :)
bybolekKorbolek, May 3, 2012
VTEM News Stack
This is a very good module. But... I have to warn. You have to test it. I use shape 5 vertex template with lazy load feature. This feature have to be enabled to use VTEM news stack. Even if I disable the lazy load... My page page go blank when using VTEM news stack :( I had to disable it. Now lazy load is switched on. Everything works fine. I wont give this module a low mark! Because I will be unfair. This is a very good module - but - first test it..... Best Regards
bybolekKorbolek, April 24, 2012
Shape 5 Text Ticker
I was looking for such little thing. I am using shape_5 vertex template, so... for the second time - shape_5 proved they can made very good product. News tickers may be used as its name suggest: you can put up to ten links (HTML code) into this module and publish it whenever you want (tanks god - vertex template have plenty of positions:) This module looks very good, and is very easy to configure. In a very small surface you can have 10 titles of your selected news. God job! P.S. I don't really understand some previous negative comments... In my opinion these people can't read the description of this module / or they can't add a link to this module :) For me - everything works fine.
bybolekKorbolek, April 21, 2012
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Admiror Columnizer
I used this plug-in for some time, but I had to move to css3 columns. Yes - IE doesn't support css3 columns - that is why I am thinking to back to this plug-in :) Easy to use and configure (J 2.5 support). Only one disadvantage: It doesn't split your content automatically :P You have to split it by yourself :) Very good plug-in. Maybe developer will add automatic content splitting in the near future.... When you use CSS3 columns - they will split your content automatically. . . But IE won't display CSS3 columns.... :) I don't understand Microsoft at all... who does... ooo. another disadvantage: This plug-in is using tables... Why? I don't know.... When I make pure xhtml/css pages - I use div - not tables... Maybe developer can change this too.. Then this plug-in will be perfect - why? because it is much more probable that the developer of this plug-in will change those things than Microsoft will upgrade IE to support CSS3 columns :P
Owner's reply

Tables are used because they are failsafe, while divs can be unpredictable.

I created this plugin for myself, it's just as I needed. It's looks like we graphic artists are little control freaks over visual elements and dislike automatizations, but some future version could have automatic column breaks...

I encourage everyone to adopt and change this extension and provide us all a tools which makes our lives more easer and more aesthetic.
I also encourage everyone to visit Admiror Extensions forum and discuss about possible improvements.

Thank You for useful & critical review. I appreciate it.

bybolekKorbolek, April 15, 2012
News Calendar
I've just started to use this module... It is wonderful. 1. It is for 2.5, 2. It is clear looks, 3. It does what it should, 4. It is very easy to configure (5 second and ready to go:) , 5. 3 preselected css, 6. It works and looks very good!!! and.. it is free. Thank you for very good module.
bybolekKorbolek, March 29, 2012
Admiror Frames
This plug-in is very good. I recommend it for those who want more formatting on their pages. Best regards
bybolekKorbolek, March 28, 2012
Accordeon Menu CK
This module make thinks easier. It is very integrated with your template - you just have to switch off the images:) It looks very good. And it is for FREE:) When I first saw this module demo on the developers site - I wasn't impressed... I downloaded it just on the base of high rating. After installing I suddenly liked its look. But, after disabling images (only pure text left) - - - I was impressed. Thank you for such very good module. Best Regards
bybolekKorbolek, March 26, 2012
Thank you very much for this plug-in. On my site, the original Joomla 2.5.3 "insert article link" button doesn't work properly (it makes bad links to article ID). For entire day I was testing many plug-ins... Neither didn't work at all!!!... And suddenly I found your TitleLink! The only one plug-in which works perfectly! - As described.... I am very thankful. Best Regards
bybolekKorbolek, March 26, 2012
List of Articles in Content
I agree with Amema. It is fake non-commercial. With Big link to upgrade to full version!!! Shame! "Free" version is useless.
bybolekKorbolek, March 26, 2012
Read Less - Text
It has ALL what it should. The most powerful features: (I)configurable appearance (you can easily set in what parts of your site this plug-in can or can't work), (II) very powerful intro text configuration (words, sentences, paragraphs, letters...) + more (I didn't discovered them yet:) + very good documentation embedded in the plugin's back-end
Thank you for this plug-in. Best Regards!
bybolekKorbolek, March 26, 2012
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Roket Read More
This plug-in do nothing in J 2.5.3. It is a garbage. I don't like to give such low rating, because the author/s have worked to make this plug-in. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all. Furthermore, their page is written in Cyrillic - I assume this plug-in is from Ukraine (my flagfox suggestion). Maybe in Joomla 1.5 this plug-in works... I don't know.
bybolekKorbolek, March 8, 2012
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Simple Wiki Linker
Works as it is made for. My page is alive! :) thanks a lot! It would be very nice to add a possibility to add a link for non-exact terms >>> [[YOUSA]USA] will link term YOUSA on your page with USA on Wikipedia - and only YOUSA is visible on your page. Good Job!
bybolekKorbolek, November 29, 2011
Nice looking... very functional... but configuration is very restricted. You cannot change many things without editing the module.

SAlexson could you send this code for making more RSS channels ?? Three is a little to small... I cannot read the code from your review :) Anybody knows the code for increasing the number of RSS channels? I need 10 and even more....
Is there any documentation for editing the module?