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bybolo1122, April 10, 2011
J2XML Importer
I was hesitant to choose any plugin to export from J1.5 and import to J1.6 Took a chance on this software and I have to admit, it was as another commenter said, Easy as Pie. Simple instructions, just follow them and it's good to go in 5 minutes or less.
bybolo1122, October 28, 2007
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This component works just fine as can be viewed on my website

Project has been taken over by Martin Hess and he is doing a great Job, new version will have Podcasting and RSS.

Simple Component install gives you configurations for Speakers, Sermons, and Sermon Series. An added plugin for flash to play your mp3's with a flash player right inside the same window. Statistics shows how many times each has been clicked on.

I see this component very useful, and already there are some feature request to expand this great component.

Don't despise small beginnings.

Min. Douglas