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bybonafide, May 7, 2012
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Account Expiration Control
I inherited a site that has been using AEC for several years. The component is powerful once you understand the cryptic structure; it is not intuitive, but definitely full featured.

Support has been the major weakness. After my subscriptions suddenly stopped expiring and I was unable to get the issue resolved through the ticket system, I traced the problem to a dB issue and defect in the code. I submitted the details, but have been ignored for weeks.

So, I advise to look elsewhere unless you are willing to invest significantly.
Owner's reply

Alright, there are several things that strike me as odd here:

1. You inherited a site with a version of AEC that has been working fine for several years (I think we can count that as a plus here) and it "suddenly" stops working. Sorry, that's just not what software does. There has to be a cause for a problem and if the code worked well for years, it won't just suddenly stop.

You say that you further found an issue in the database and in the code - But if these were there all along, why did they not mess things up before?

I do know my code quite well and that a subscription expires is its natural state. In AEC, a membership is either "for life", or has an expiration date. So right from the get go, AEC cannot, by design, just stop expiring memberships. It's kind of in our name that this is what the software does.

From the top of my head, I can only think of two ways in which this can go wrong - if you made the memberships lifetime (although we prevent that if you're using recurring billing) or if something blocks our internal checking routines, if you disabled our plugins, for instance.

Furthermore, there are various ways in which an expiration date can be pushed along, as there is an option in AEC where you can set a membership plan to automatically "fall back" into another one instead of expiring.

2. I've just checked the ticket system and there is not a single ticket waiting for a reply. We really put a lot of work into our support and make extra sure that our clients are happy - and I think the other reviews to support that. I must assume that what happened was that you accidentally closed or deleted your own ticket.

3. Even though AEC worked well for years and you say it's "powerful" and "full featured" (although "not intuitive" and "cryptic" - something we worked on for the 1.0 release), you give it the worst rating possible. Not sure that's really fair, to be honest.

As a final note on #2: If you did find a bug, I would obviously LOVE to hear about it! I fail to comprehend how somebody would even imagine that I would not be interested in having a client not only find a bug, but solve it for me!

So - If you do read this, please contact me as soon as possible (there are several ways on the website, even if your account has expired) and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.