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bybonhommie, May 2, 2012
I have this installed on a client's site and it works for their 3 level user groups/permissions. I did have a little issue with the search function, which turned out to be a bug, but the docman team sent me a fix on the same day (worker's day). So all is well, and I'm happy and my client is happy.
Plus the populate plugin is a lifesaver.
bybonhommie, May 13, 2009
Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition
I bought this software after reading the first couple reviews and of course, the product description. When i finally got around to using it, I opened a support ticket (below) to list several complaints. I am posting this review, so that others like me would have a better picture of what this software does and doesn't quite do.

My support ticket details:

I'm sure this software is great, but there are so many hurdles before you even get to appreciate what it can do. I think the usability is quite poor, but sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see that.

1. First, I was under the impression that that I can completely "turn off" the testing feature for each course. But it seems it is actually the training that is optional. It seems to me that this software was written with testing in mind, not training. My goal was to have several courses without training, and the last of the set will have the training. but it seems each course will still take them to this page that tells them there are no questions. That is kind of redundant.

2. Also, I would have preferred for clients to click on the notebook and get the screen with the course instead of clicking "training" and then a new window pops up. I wonder if this can be changed?

3. Also, every time a training window pops up, the main window gets redirected to the home page. I'm not sure why that is happening.

4. When I click your help link, i get a 404 error because it is looking for an en-GB folder that does not exist.

5. The version on my installation says version 1.5.1. I downloaded it in march. Your user manual, which i eventually opened by browsing there in my server, keeps refering to a version 3.0. My guess is that it was not even updated for the 1.5 version which is the paid one. Even your video tutorials were not updated for your paid version.

6. It would have been nicer if I didn't have to edit files on the server to change default text you have in those screens. They could be in the config section.

7. In the backend, in some of your edit screens, you dont have "close" button, only "main". "Close" in Joomla will take you back to the previous screen. That way i dont have to start over every time. Some screens dont even have "main"! So i have to go the admin menu all over.

8. Finally, very simple things like making the icons on the frontend as links, and not just the text below them because people will keep clicking on the icon.

We had a lot of back and forth which I would not bore you with, but the bottom line is:

1. None of the issues I raised can be fixed because the system is designed that way. So, no, you cannot use "training only" because your clients will still be taken to a page WITH NO QUESTIONS!
2. it is probably possible to fix my redirect issue, but the software is too poorly coded - at least for customers like me who are really interested in training, and not testing.
3. prepare for your clients to be frustrated clicking things that should be clickable but are not.
4. I would have thought you could edit your courses online using the usual joomla wysiwyg screen. Nope, you have to upload them - even if it's text only.
5. every time the training pops up, it is a small window, so you clients will have to resize each time!

If you're used to well thought out coding, you might want to put up the extra money for Joomla LMS.