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byboniaditya, November 25, 2013
This extension is the closest that Joomla can get to being a forum (without any tweaking!) - I used almost all the other extensions listed in the JED. This one is the best supported, reviewed & regularly updated of them all. The list of other plugins supporting Kunena was really not impressive though - looks similar to the multiple cck factions and the cck specific add-ons on the JED. One feature that needs to be addressed is the WYSIWYG editor support - TINY MCE, JCK & JCE - Not that the existing editor is bad but - including these editors would mean leveraging on the existing add-ons in joomla - the short codes - the {plugins} - It would give Kunena the extra edge of affiliating itself with joomla - instead of just being a phpbb(500 addons) with 10-20 addons. There is one other oddity - the administrator does not have any provisions to edit or add new topics or posts fromt the backend- Imagine joomla where the admin gets to add everything from the front-end!
byboniaditya, August 21, 2013
Ozio Gallery
I am impressed! but I think that the extension should be in the picasa album embed category and not here!
The awesomeness of this extension
(1)It takes pictures from your picasa album - "both public and private"
(2)Responsiveness - Fit the screen - you will love the slideshow that fits to any screen size
(3)The black design surrounding the images - looks flattering, the glassy look is cool

The pitfalls-
(1) The necessity to create a menu item for each gallery and then use the menu item in content to show the gallery - that is one nasty way of doing things because if you use a hundred of this it will slow down your site and then kill it!
(2)The height issue - this extension limits the width of the image but i don't know why they are so lenient about the the height - if the image is too long then you will have to scroll to see the whole thing.
(3) The slide show box - or the box holding images is not fixed it is responsive i.e. it jumps with the image, imagine a very wide image 20x300 followed by a very tall image 300x20 the controls jump with the image - very annoying - carefully re-sizing all the image would solve the problem though!
byboniaditya, June 4, 2013
JoomSimple Steps
This extension has a lot of scope and can be bent at will to be used as an image slider - a content slider, a rolling tutorial among other beautiful applications.I wish the author continued his good work! and the best part is that, it is in the content - a content plugin and can be used anywhere - not another module!
byboniaditya, June 1, 2013
This is what i love about he joomla world - you have 10 ccks, a hundred image galleries and you can choose some thing that fits to your needs. SEBLOD stands on the top of cck charts, compatible with the core and every other extension on the jed. Content Templates, custom field types, and list keeps growing. The growth of this cck is phenomenal.
byboniaditya, April 6, 2013
This extension gives flexibility to push the rating anywhere in the article or in the module, and has options to customize and make it look beautiful. Everything seems cool until you realize that you can use this feature only once per article!what a buzz kill.If you use it multiple times in the article all of them are rated same! This was supposed to be a better alternative to 'extra vote' but was a little disappointed.
byboniaditya, March 30, 2013
Flexi Content has started something that should have been in the core a long time ago. The integration of various plugins. They have taken a stance to get as many extensions to work with their cck and the advantage - you don't invent another k2 or zoo and then a family of extensions that only work with those ccks. Drupal scores over joomla in this issue which has a native cck. The closest thing to a core cck, (i.e. compatibility with all other extensions,ability to create forms, add fields, change the article structure and have own templates) on JED are SEBLOD & FlexiContent. Flexi content is beautifully designed and simple,unlike SEBLOD you understand the system almost intuitively. I pity the people who run the support form for they have to take up issues related to every other plugin in the JED. The templating system requires a special mention. I applaud the effort put in by the team to design such a cool CCK.
byboniaditya, March 24, 2013
Text To Module
One of the many extensions that surprised me. Very handy at times and it works in tandem with many other extensions to produce effects and then place them in the module. This extension allows users to place a tag around the content and push it into a module but this is one to one. I wish if we could push content into various module positions and not just one.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Your suggestion is reasonable and we will work to produce a "multiple modules" version as soon as possible.

byboniaditya, February 10, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba has been a life saver. I never have to start from ground zero ever again. I always start with a custom made distro of joomla with pre-installed add-ons. This feature takes away the extra effort that would have to put into repetitive tasks!
I thank the developer for his awesome work.
byboniaditya, December 25, 2012
I have tried almost all the commenting systems, from jcomments, udja comments, sli comments and every other extensions. This one looks the best without any tweaks and looks even better with a little tweaking. It has the power of jcomments and looks good too and the support is incredible, i had a problem with the plugin and reported it on the site and they cleared it in five minutes! identified that the problem was caused due to the conflict with rocket theme mission control admin template.
The people behind it are cool!
byboniaditya, December 23, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
This plugin should belong to multiple categories, admin protection, spam protection and captcha. I would like to thank the developer for including various spam services. If it weren't for this plugin i would not know that such services exist!
The developer and his myriad of extensions amaze me. Keep up the great work and thank you once again.
Owner's reply

Nice review. Thank you very much!

byboniaditya, December 11, 2012
Admin Edit Switch
I don't have anything against this plugin, no glitches but how did this plugin get into the mighty content construction category!
Blogging XMLRPC for Joomla!
I use wordpress for blogging and its ability to interface with almost all the text editors on the planet form live writer to scribe fire. I wanted to use joomla for blogging but i did not want to login to joomla and edit inside the browser. Though joomla has cool editors like jck and jce. I wanted to do it off the browser. I started using this way back when the project was in its youth before 1.7. The first time i tried configuring it. It took me three days. I installed sef component and lost track of the link. This problem has been abated in the latest version of the plugin with the ability to choose between absolute and relative links. Thanks for the amazing plugin. I use it in all my sites, just in case!
byboniaditya, November 16, 2012
I have used other extensions that provide similar accordion solution in a similar fashion but what differentiates this one from the rest of the pack is its beauty and the lack of unnecessary bars that stretch from one end-to-end.
I wish the developer would implement a vertical accordion in a similar fashion!
byboniaditya, November 2, 2012
I use xml rpc meta weblog plugin to post formatted content through various client like live writer, adobe contribute. The problem was that a few days ago " " appeared at many places in my site! These are supposed to be blank spaces!
I was kind of browsing for extensions in general and i came across your "What nothing!" extension, also watched the video on your site and i installed it to see if it might do something but it did nothing whatsoever but i came across your ReReplacer by chance and when this problem occurs after two months, ReReplacer was my first choice. I installed it and gave it a new term replacing all these codes with spaces and cleared the cache and reloaded the page to see that they are all gone. It was a relief but then i turned off the item to check if it was the handy work of your extension and the  's popped up again on the site and i understood the power of your extension. I would have been happier if my first impression on your extensions was not made based on "What Nothing!"
Thank you mate!
You saved me the trouble and keep up the good work
byboniaditya, October 25, 2012
I was searching for something that would let users send pings of laments rather than page long mails and i thank you for the cool tool.P.S. other extensions on your site are simple but effective like this one. Recommend others to give them a try!