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bybonzomedia, August 18, 2014
If you're looking for a great gallery grid module then I can't recommend this one highly enough.

Not only is the front end beautifully fluid and responsive but the back end has also had a great deal of care taken to provide an extremely easy to use drag and drop interface. It kind of puts the rest of Joomla 3.0's admin interfaces to shame!!

Tech support is great, I had a small template/module CSS conflict which was resolved quickly with very detailed instructions from Artem of Balbooa.

One of the best extensions I've ever worked with, and I'm looking forward to more from Balbooa.
bybonzomedia, April 3, 2014
StyleWare K2 Google Maps
Totally recommend this plug-in. it works out of the box is responsive and I didn't have to touch a line of CSS.

Add to this that the customer service from Styleware is world class both in time to respond and clarity.

I only needed help because of an integration challenge with another K2 plugin and their help was way over and above my expectations.
bybonzomedia, July 25, 2013
Store Locator
Easy to customise to suit my site's look and feel through CSS, this component works perfectly and is worth the price!

Looking forward to future releases which will extend its capabilities with responsive layouts.
bybonzomedia, April 28, 2012
Core Login Redirect
On my J2.5 site, I'd disabled the Core Login modules and enabled CB Login and couldn't work out why on occasion the Core Login stuff was still being called.

Installed this plug-in, enabled it and in seconds all my login issues were solved.

Great job, and I'd echo a previous reviewers suggestion that this should be included in the CB Downloads Section, its invaluable.

bybonzomedia, February 20, 2012
I've given this module a 'Fair' rating purely for it's design and look and feel which is excellent.

However, thats about where it ends. This module is riddled with bugs that relate to the way that it handles event times to the point where it is unusable and useless.

Despite being a Club Member, posts to the author requesting some help have gone unanswered and the lack of involvement from the company in addressing these serious issues would indicate to me that this is a dead and unsupported product, Joomla users are advised not to waste their time in looking at it.
Owner's reply

We track all reported bugs, whether from customers or our testing team, via a ticketing system. The issue in question was reported and resolved in August 2011.

However, the issue appeared again in October, and we have been endeavouring to correct the issue. We take issues in our products very seriously, and please subscribe to our Extensions Update feed to be notified when a new version is released, fixing the issues in question:

bybonzomedia, January 25, 2012
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RD-Autos Single Dealer
After researching the availability of a component that would allow my client to be able to manage his inventory of cars for his car sales on his website easily, I chose RD Autos Single Dealer hoping that it would be straightforward to customise the views to match my clients template.

Installation is very simple and easy.

I'm not a PHP expert but found the code easy to read and easy to customise, and the same for the CSS. I was easily able to extend it to automatically post a Sold graphic into vehicle listings that were marked as Unavailable. I did have some minor issues and questions which were answered very quickly by Robert.

I can thoroughly recommend this extension, it's worth every penny. If you're considering using it, the only very small criticism I have (which Robert is aware of) is that the makes and models database is really essential to purchase alongside the component, as although there is the ability to add makes and models of vehicles, it requires you to enter a different part of the admin interface to do so before you can list a vehicle of that make and type.
bybonzomedia, June 30, 2011
RSform Pro
If like me you have a need for a very flexible method of managing contact forms and that offers features like a personalised autoresponder that can be highly customised then I can thoroughly recommend RS Forms Pro.

Additionally the ability to be able to design and test a form on a local or remote development server and to then be able to save the form as a discrete sub-component for installation onto a live site is superb.

Support from this company is second to none.

Thoroughly recommended.