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byboogily, July 23, 2014
Watchful Client
I base reviews on 2 major factors. Effectiveness and support. This saves so much time and headaches, it is very effective. Support was pretty fast too. I'd recommend
Owner's reply

Glad it's working so well!

byboogily, March 11, 2013
This extension gives you the most power undoubtedly for managing documents. There are a few extra steps to installing it, such as installing EXTman and making sure your database is set to mySQLi (at least we had to on our setup for the latest J!3 version). That was pretty much the only bummer, just doing those couple of steps. I did have a couple of other issues, but support was top notch. I tend to radically base my review rating off of support. It has been great so far.

Anyone looking to manage and offer any kind of documents, with complete control, should look at Docman
byboogily, July 9, 2012
I was struggling with MyBlog for a long time. Their support was non-existent and their SEO / SEF practices were terrible. I basically was forced to try Easyblog, and holy cow. These guys get it. Top notch, fast support, easy to configure, well worth it.
byboogily, May 24, 2012
Phoca GAE
I installed this module, inserted the code. Thats it. It worked. I wish all extensions were easy like that :)
byboogily, May 16, 2012
MaQma Helpdesk
This extension is really powerful! I would love to give it a high grade. However, I sumbitted a ticket 10 days ago to the developer with what I thought could be a simple question, and still have no response.

Otherwise, it looks in a class of its own.
Owner's reply

Sorry, the 5 days of traveling for JandBeyond with strikes of air controls in Portigal screwed up our timings but we are catching all up already. Probably you already were answered.

byboogily, December 19, 2011
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Simple Image Gallery
First off, any negative reviews of this is just silly. It is so simple. Just install, enable the plugin, set a few parameters, upload your photos, and place the snippet wherever you need a rotator.

Plus, it doesn't have much bloat or links back to the author. It just flat out works. yay
byboogily, December 19, 2011
Most extensions now-a-days are "plug and play". While this one does work, it most definitely isn't plug and play.

Take a peek at the open-source forum (1700+ posts) about this product and j1.5. You will see it has given a few people headaches.

Personally, nothing worked right off the bat, but digging around for awhile got me to get it in working order. In my opinion, the whole extension is overthought and doesn't need to be that complicated. The developer responds well and it is good to see a lively extension such as this, but don't expect to extract and publish a couple of plugins and expect it to work.
Owner's reply

The short explanation of why yvComment is not "plug and play" from Your point of view is this:
yvComment is tightly coupled with Joomla core hence it depends on many setting of Joomla core, e.g. related to User permissions/access levels, Category for Comments etc. This is why you have to read documentation, understand Joomla AND set that necessary Joomla core settings to have yvComment work properly at your site.
BTW, I always have feelings similar to yours when I'm installing CB - one of the most popular Joomla extensions...

byboogily, December 6, 2011
This extension is so incredible. It goes far beyond just sef urls. It corrects many of Joomla's core SEF URL problems, and adds elements of its own, like site security and analytics. (with more options than Google, like #logged in users, etc).

Plus, the forum is very active. If you care about taking care of your duplicate content issues, you have to try this extension.
byboogily, December 6, 2011
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Virtual Domains
I have seen more than half a dozen posts in the forum about having issues with sh404SEF. The answers given were to "not use .htaccess" or "disable url caching", which to anybody using a SEF URL extension that knows what they are doing is a bad idea.

It is a great premise, and it does work without sh404, (granted some hidden tricks you must know if using cPanel - and a release version found inline in a post, not on the download pages).

Part of the premise of Open Source is plug and play, but if it doesn't play nice, it turns open source to open sores.
Owner's reply

In our feature list is not declared, that VD will work with all other extensions. We have developed VD for our own needs. We do not ask for money. We share our code with others. We are happy if others are willing to develop further our work. This is the principle of free software (which means more than just open source).

byboogily, November 10, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
I've seen other reviews for other components that rave about the support, but seriously the support I received was so quick and helpful! Some other companies would like to charge for help outside of the basic support, but I just can't say enough good things about the support for this component.

Also, it is super powerful. My site is really going to stand out because of this component.
byboogily, October 3, 2011
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I understand that the majority of people that use this component will be using it for an XML version sitemap. However, with J 1.7.1 and the latest release of XMap, 2.0, (the safe vers) I can't even really use it. If you change the options, you get an error screen with: Not Acceptable

An appropriate representation of the requested resource....

You can't delete sitemaps, the menu titles generated aren't from the menu manager, If you try to make a different sitemap default it spits out another white-screen error. No help on the forums. Disappointed. I hope to see a working version in 1.7 soon as the ones in 1.5 worked fine for me.
byboogily, September 5, 2011
I have a mixed bag of review when it comes to extensions for Joomla. But this one, I really wish I could give it 6 stars just due to the ease of use and support. Everyone who has tried this knows "Bob" and he may just be part cyborg... always got the right answer and quick to help -- even those who use the free version. You just don't see that in ANY other free Joomla components. If you do try this out, make sure to validate and support this component.

That being said, the only drawback I can tell have to do with the new version and 1.7. There is no auto-template creator for the new version (email template for mailback) and also the radio / checkboxes don't show vertically by default. But it is easy to go in and edit the code.
byboogily, August 9, 2011
Phoca Gallery
Very powerful. Some people may be willing to pay or see a module that lets you select images via checkbox, and then download them as a zip. But that is minor. All in all, it is a great extension
byboogily, August 9, 2011
It has come a long way! It used to be pretty buggy in early 1.5 versions, but it seems to be pretty solid now. Very happy with it.
byboogily, August 9, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Wow! This does everything! Even updates itself with 1 click! What a great component
byboogily, August 9, 2011
As a developer, I found this software easy to use in some aspects, and actually very powerful. I'd be willing to pay a lot more for some actual support. There is basically none, hence the fair rating.

Plus, I've noticed some bugs in 2.4 in Joomla1.7.

I'd say go ahead and use it, only if you don't want to modify it too much
byboogily, August 3, 2011
I have used VM for many sites. A few years ago, they weren't all that bad to set up. In the latest versions, there has been many bugs. For example, you can't even display sub categories on your site unless you hack the code and replace a "!" that for some reason got taken out. Also, 1.1.9 says you are running 1.1.7 in the components manager, which also is odd. Also, if you want to use PayPal, on 1.1.9 (the latest release) you have to install 1.1.8 somewhere else and download some PayPal file and upload it to 1.1.9. Also, the quantity arrows don't fire in 1.1.9. Oh, and just try to go into the forums and legitimately ask for help. You will be either
a.) redirected to some post that is irrelevant
b.) Asked to provide more details of your setup which in some cases is irrelevant
c.) Get a snotty response that will belittle you
d.) Stump everyone and have your post sit there for 3 months

I don't write many reviews, but I'd honestly recommend looking at other options if I were you. Plus, you'd probably be stuck at J1.5 ( I don't dare try the new version, for obvious reasons)
I downloaded the module, installed it and had it up and running in a flash. It looked great! It is just exactly what I needed. There is one major issue though, and I can't figure out what to do about it.

I noticed that the articles show in the form of it's own SEF URL, and the big no-no is that it doesn't even append the current page's Itemid, hence when clicking on an article it shows it on a page set to no menu id, making it very difficult to style on certain templates.

To try and solve this issue I went to the support forum. It was all Spanish, but I had a translating app, so no biggy. But I couldn't even make an account with Facebook, or log-in, and the page stalled out twice on me.

I recommend it, but as long as you are aware that the articles that show when clicked in the module will display in a way that you can not attach modules to it (no Itemid)
Owner's reply

The module uses the default method of Joomla to get the article URL:

JRoute::_(ContentHelperRoute::getArticleRoute(id, catid))

And Joomla gives the url (with SEF).

Maybe the problem is that you use a 3rd party component for make the SEF URLs.

You can look how it works in the demo page.