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bybookmanwales, May 17, 2012
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Maybe I have been spoilt by other plug ins I have used.. At first this looked like it worked as I got the upload image field on the User profile form.
However it didn't tell me the pic had to be a certain size. After trying to upload an image 200px x 150px I kept getting "failure invalid image file"
Once I uploaded a 640 x 400 image it loaded immediately and is visible on the Joomla backend.
However it doesn't show on the Users profile when they log in and is not retrievable by them.
Having visited the vendors site (GITHUB)information is (for me as a complete beginner ) non existent.
bybookmanwales, May 10, 2012
As a fairly new joomla user (less than 3 months) I found this extension to be extremely easy to install and set up. This is the first time I have ever set up a forum and it was done in less than a day.
I am using Joomla 1.7 and beez5 template and it worked perfectly first time.