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byborisigna, July 20, 2012
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En Masse
- it is not a groupon clone, don't trust their advertisement on their site
- bad template: this component killed my JA template, actually, it killed my whole site. i need to fix its template which every poor code to make this component usable. their own template looks very bad, poor design, you can see in their demo site.
- when you upload image, the image link turns into weird characters so you can't edit them, there is no way to choose your uploaded images or change the order of your images, you need to upload them in correct order again, so, you waste diskspace and time
- google maps doesn't work functionally, sometimes it only shows a half of the map
- they say they have an "acymailing integration" for newsletter, but, when you create a new deal, a new newsletter is created with deal information in plain text and it looks very bad, there is no template for it, you need to send newsletter manually, there is no auto-newsletter integration there for you to auto send mail to your customers like groupon does
- bad support: i asked question about auto-newsletter, i sent them 6 messages in 3 days but couldn't solve my problem, they didn't understand what i asked because they don't know how to make an integration for auto-newsletter between enmasse and acymailing, or say in another way, they don't know how acymailing's auto-newsletter work, so their "acymailing integration" is really useless, that makes enmasse useless too without an auto-newsletter function
- if you are a guest and you want to buy, you need to register first, if not, the login form will appear instead of a registration form, so you need to register and buy again, it's really inconvenience
- facebook application does nothing, it only list their deals in facebook, when you click buy, it takes you to joomla site, so facebook application is just a deal showcase, not manage buy process, and an important issue, you can access their facebook application without using facebook, because their facebook application is just your joomla site with a facebook component and a template for facebook, that means it could be cached be google and that kills your seo! so who need a facebook application?
Owner's reply

1) Hi, in what way is our advertisement misleading? We do have the features that is needed for a groupon site to run.

2) As stated in our website that we only try to be compatible with as many joomla template as possible and we are improving our CSS compatibility with the other Joomla template along the way. For our demo site, please understand that we given access to the users, thus they might messed up things on the website.

3) We have corrected this issue on the URL link to be decoded.

4) Not sure what are you referring to, but the google map is not from our side that is controlling it, if your template or browser has issue in loading up the google map, we could only try our best to look at it to help.

5) We have hear this, but there is limited features with ACYMailer Free edition, thus we are now integrating with MailChimp in the upcoming version to be able to automate the sending of the EDM, but of course, there will be cost involved. You need to invest in the Mailing System so that this can be done.

6) I am sorry for the confusion during the support period, but my guys are trying hard to explain to you on that the ACYMailer Free version, that cannot be done.

7) We have improved the UI on our new website, but we still redirect the user to login with the link to sign up on the top. We will slowly improve our process along the way.

8) The key for the Facebook Application is to drive the traffic to buy at your website, instead of doing the transaction at the Facebook Page. The Application is for those that wants to have the deals listing on their Facebook page to put up. This is the first version of the Facebook application, which many Groupon clone don't have this. Maybe you could share with us more on what you think will be good to have to put on the Facebook Application, thus we will plan that for the improvement. For the SEO, it is a setting that you can control or manage through other plugins, whether you will like the google spider to index your page.

For us we focus in very aggressive doing fast and quick release of features to we keep on improving our product along the way and providing technical support to resolve issues, as there is no perfect system. We hope that we will improve on our product more, I think that key thing that frustrates you is the Mailing system unable to be sending out the EDM automatically, thus you made the comments and to let you know we hear that and we have moved on to integrate with MailChimp, which cost more money, but it allows you to have the choice of automate sending. (Price vs. features)