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byboschma, January 13, 2014
Simple Mobile Detection
My review title says already everthing about it ;)

That's right what I was looking for, as it is my decission what comes up on a mobile device - something created from Joomla-System or an other source like a self written HTML or PHP script, what I wanted to do ... now I can!

I just started using it; I will post more feedback within in supportforum - keep running and improving it!

Best, boschma
byboschma, September 20, 2013
Modules Anywhere
We just had the challenge to combine three modules into one module cause three single modules weren't nice and handy.
In combination of TABS and MODULES ANYWHERE we got an output we where looking for ...
By using both extensions from NoNumber it was so easy and done fast. No collision, no errors, just used as well documented –
and so happy about that, I had to write an other review about Peter's excellent work ...

byboschma, September 11, 2013
Content Templater
I just started a project for a client with less experience on CMS and so I looked around for some additional helpers.
As I already know nonumber extensions, I gave this Content Templater a chance... and loved it from the first second!
How simple it a can be to create article-templates .. ;-)
This makes my life (and clients too) much easier as I can now create well designed articles and the client just need to adjust details within when creating new articles...
The way of handling additional options is great and very usefull.
Till now I didn't have an issue with this extension - but I already know that the support given by Peter is excellent!
byboschma, September 9, 2013
As others already wrote, it's great working with those extensions of #nonumbers.
Easy to handle, easy to adjust, great documentation with lot of examples and as always a great support!
And I like the way to overrule the Plugin-CSS simply by placing an additional CSS (within a folder) in your own template how easy it can be .... ;-)
byboschma, August 11, 2013
After launching around 30 Joomla-CMS including the JCE I can't imagine not to use it in the future. Documentation is good, support and development as well.
The options for individual adjustments f.e. reaction to return-key, custom-colors, file-types for link-handling, etc etc. are great. It tooks me a while to explore all user-options, but meanwhile I know where to put a hand on ;-)
byboschma, July 5, 2013
It's simply a great extension; as all nonumber-tools, easy to use.
I am using nonumbers-modal since a while in the default way.
Today I explored the features which can be used in addition:
unbelivable - had no idea what can be done on modal popups .. ^^
Thx a lot!
byboschma, June 23, 2013
slowly getting also a big fan of NoNumber extentions ^^
I was searching for a simple, clientfriendly addon to place tabboxes within contents and modules .. here I'am ;-)
Great support! Had some trouble by switching between supported styles - solved via forum and not much later via an other update ..
thx Peter!