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byboss_3, October 22, 2014
Ozio Gallery
form reading the reviews, i gave the component 4 stars out of 5 just to be fair! what is the point of showing photos not hosted on my own server. I am looking for better ranking and good traffic for my website not for G+... waiting for that feature!!
Owner's reply

Responsive and ADAPTIVE.
In G+ with Ozio you can have 2000 versions for each uploaded image. A version resized to a different size, pixel by pixel!!!. Automatically for each width request from any browser that displays the gallery, from any device. It is ADAPTIVE. This would be crazy to do for the images on the server, 2000 versions for each file.
I hope you can understand.

byboss_3, May 24, 2013
Simple Spotlight
I have used this extension in joomla 1.5 websites, and now with joomla 2.5. I would like to say that the extension is so great and the support on the forum is incredible... thank you so much for developing it and for the great support.