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bybottomupwebs, November 26, 2013
SP Staging
I've used this extension for several months for 30 sites - and with multiple correspondence to the developer.

Pros: Sits on your own server so you aint giving 3rd parties access to you sites (unlike Watchful). Has some powerful features.

Cons: Spend just as much time getting this to work and manually updating the client as you would just manually updating.

Good in theory - but due to bugs - needs to be finished.

As a commercial product we need to give honest reviews - else we are wasting everyone's time - and degrading the review points system.

Hope these guys come through - as Watchful has similar issues too.
Owner's reply

Because we take seriously users comments, we followed your advice and fully restructured the component.

Many of the bugs were caused by functionality that people do not use. Therefore we removed the problematic functionality and we made it much simpler to use.

Now it is as simple as core Joomla! extensions manager with the big difference that it can install/update extensions on many sites at once!

Thanks for your review that initiated the process of fixing things.

bybottomupwebs, January 6, 2011
Smart Flash Header
The level of technical support from these guys is fantastic. 1 hour response and we managed to fix a few things within the day. Worth every penny to support these guys. Top Marks - Thanks
bybottomupwebs, May 1, 2009
Pro Magic Audio Player
All good. I have my mp3's in my stories directory - no problems there.

The Plugin and Module is great - lots of configurable options. No advertising or links to other sites.

Can't see any thirdparty JS in my build (I'm not using the google features). Looks safe to me.

The audio title name is the file name - but that's just how it works without a playlist.
bybottomupwebs, October 9, 2008
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Ozio Gallery
Pro: Fancy and swish. Nice if you just have one photo page.

Con: You need to upload your photos into the extension mod directory for the module to work multiple galleries. Not easy to upload with Joomla Media Manager in this case.

I'm looking for an extension to show a gallery per article with the images stored in images/story directory - this aint it but it is close.
bybottomupwebs, October 9, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
Simple and easy gallery. The layout is plain and basic - there are fancier galleries out their for free - but SIG allows you multiple galleries within your images directory, and you can use the Joomla media manager to upload the photos.

So I'm being honest here and giving this an average rating. (sick of people giving everything an excellent rating - it wastes everyones time).

What really bugs me is all the advertising you need to wade through to see a the real demo of this extension. Most of the stuff you need to pay for. I've looked at this extension before and left it alone after getting peeved off with the adds and high level marketing.